Josko Gvardiol Parents Tihomir Gvardiol And Sanja Gvardiol Girlfriend Or Single?

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Josko Gvardiol Parents Tihomir Gvardiol And Sanja Gvardiol Girlfriend Or Single?

Josko Gvardiol is a professional footballer who plays as a defender for the Croatia National Team and Premier League club Manchester City.

He was born on January 23, 2002, in Zagreb, Croatia, to his father, Tihomir Gvardiol, and his mother, Sanja Gvardiol. He is blessed with two siblings. 

Josko's two beautiful sisters are named Lorena Gvardiol and Franka Gvardiol. Franka is an athlete and plays for a second-division handball club. 

Lorena is a social butterfly. She is a fashion influencer and personal blogger. She has 14K plus followers on Instagram. 

She posted pictures with her sister and brother together on trips and outings.

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Josko Gvardiol with his sisters Lorena Gvardiol and Franka Gvardiol
Josko Gvardiol with his sisters Lorena Gvardiol and Franka Gvardiol. Source: Instagram
Josko Gvardiol parents Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol
Josko Gvardiol parents Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol. Source: Facebook


Josko Gvardiol is 22 years old

Net worth 

Josko Gvardiol has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars

Second Most expensive Defender in the world

Josko started his career very young, at the age of seven when his father took him to Tresnjevka. He played with the club till 2010

Then, he joined Dinamo Zagreb in 2010 and played with the club till 2019

On October 18, 2019, he made his league debut with senior Dinamo Zagreb II and played with the club till 2020

He then started getting early success after his debut at RB Leipzig to his inclusion in the Croatian national team to signing with Manchester City on August 5, 2023, for a five-year contract with around 77-million-pound Sterling.

To date, he is the second most expensive defender in the world.

Who is his Girlfriend?

Josko is currently single and doesn't have a girlfriend. 

Josko’s father was a Fisherman

Josko grew up with his family in the small town of Zagreb, where his father used to work as a fisherman, selling fish at the Dolak market, which helped them to grow up. 

In an interview, Josko revealed that he ate sardines and loved eating fish, which made him tall, handsome, and strong.

He explained that after training, he used to help his father sell fish in the market, which left a lasting impression on him. 

He said he is proud that he could help his father that way, and also, because he has a good contract now, he can appreciate every coin. 

Selling fish with his father taught him the value of hard work and family support.

His father's Dedication to his Success

His father, Tihomir, is the one who introduced him to the world of football and also the one who enrolled him in his first football club.

Tihomir himself is a former footballer. His passion for football started at a young age. 

He started emerging in sports and then joined the amateur league team Tresnjevka

He showed great potential and enthusiasm as a player and was recognized within the local football community. 

It added benefits and created a strong base for the football future of Josko

He has made a great contribution to his upbringing and growth as a footballer towards his son.

Josko’s passion for football was cultivated at home, which gave him support and direction to become what he is today.

Tihomir's experience helped him to work as a mentor and father figure at the same time to help and guide his son in times of difficulty and need. 

He accumulated a net worth of 5 million dollars in his lifetime, even after continuously supporting Josko during practices and matches. 

Both Tihomir and Sanja never missed a match of their son. They were present in the stadium to cheer and celebrate their son at every game. 

His mother, Sanja, is his best friend

Sanja Gvardiol was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her family history shared both German and French backgrounds. 

She is her son's best friend. She listens to her son's every problem and gives him her full support. 

They share a special bond, which the world witnessed back in 2022

He was playing a game against Belgium when his last-ditch tackle to thwart Romelu Lukaku led his team, Croatia, to seal the knockout stage. 

After winning the match, he ran to his mother, who was in the stand, to give her a hug. They both had tears in their eyes.

Cars of Josko Gvardiol

Josko has two luxury cars in Croatia: one is a Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, which costs 89000 Dollars, and another is a Range Rover Sport, which starts from 85000 Dollars

Each car is the perfect blend of functionality and comfort which reflects Gvardiol's taste for his superiority on the road.

Josko Praised Lionel Messi 

He praised Messi’s outstanding skills after Croatia's loss to Argentina in the World Cup 2022 semifinal

He added Messi is considered good but besides this, he guarded him for 90 minutes that he is going to tell his children in the future.

He also said that Messi is a completely different type of player in the club and in the national team. 

Josko acknowledged the privilege of facing Messi on the field and confidently indicated more future encounters.

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