Who Is Julie Ann Fowler? Sister Of Kevin Spacey

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Who Is Julie Ann Fowler? Sister Of Kevin Spacey

Julie Ann Fowler is the sister of American actor Kevin Spacey. She was born to her father, Thomas Fowler, and mother, Kathleen Fowler

She grew up with her two brothers, Randell and Kevin. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Parents of Julie Ann Fowler.
Parents of Julie Ann Fowler. Source: Daily Mail

About Julie's Brother Kevin 

Kevin is a professional actor. He is well known for his portrayal in House of Cards as Francis Underwood. 

Kevin has played in many movies and series throughout the years. He was born in 1959 and has his birthday on July 26th

His parents raised him with a brother and a sister. 

Julie Ann Fowler with her brother, Kevin Spacey.
Julie Ann Fowler with her brother, Kevin Spacey. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Kevin 

Kevin is not married yet. Also, he is gay by his sexuality.

Before accepting his sexuality, he had dated many well-known personalities. Back in 1976, he dated April Winchell. 

They dated for a year and then broke up. He then got into a relationship with Dianne Dreyer

They dated in 1992 and had a six-year-long relationship. While they were in a relationship, they attended an award function together. They broke up in 2000

After that, he was rumored to be dating Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ashleigh Banfield, and some other women, but none of them had been confirmed. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her brother Kevin is 64 years old. He has a net worth of $110 Million

Julie Ann Fowler's two brothers.
Julie Ann Fowler's two brothers. Source: Instagram

Is Kevin A Molester?

In 2020, actor Anthony Rapp filed a case against Kevin for sexually assaulting him. 

Before that, in 2017, he revealed that he was molested, but three years later, he decided to charge Kevin

Anthony claimed that when he was alone with Kevin at his apartment, Kevin lay beside him. 

Anthony was 14, and Kevin was 26 when this incident occurred. 

After Anthony, many people came out with stories claiming that Kevin assaulted them. 

The people who revealed Kevin were assaulting them included filmmaker Tony, actor Herry Dreyfuss and some of the people that worked with him in the series House of Cards.

Kevin faced nine charges for being a molester.

Kevin Came Out As A Gay

In 2017, many people raised their voices against Kevin, claiming that they got molested by him. 

After the accusation made by Anthony Rapp, 30 more people came out and talked about them being abused by Kevin

According to Anthony's accusation, he worked with Kevin when he was 14 years old, and Kevin sexually assaulted him when he was at Kevin's apartment.

Anthony claimed that Kevin was completely drunk and tried to misbehave. 

After that accusation, Kevin shared his side of the story and said he had no idea or memory of that night. 

He was drunk, and if he had done something like that, he’s sorry for his actions.

He admitted it was unacceptable and inappropriate, so he publicly apologized to Anthony

He also shared that he was inspired seeing the courage of people who shared their dark stories, and seeing that courage, he publicly came out accepting that he is gay.

Kevin's Father Was An Abuser

Kevin has never talked much about his family and childhood in public. 

However, his brother Randy Fowler has spoken publicly about the environment he grew up in. 

Kevin's brother Randy revealed that their father was a monster. 

Julie Ann Fowler's brother and their mom.
Julie Ann Fowler's brother and their mom. Source: Pinterest

Growing up, Randy never had a good life as his father physically assaulted him. 

He has no idea if his siblings have gone through the same abuse, but as a brother, he always tried to protect them from their father.

His dad raped Randy. He said their father was mentally unstable and had hurt him physically by throwing him up against the wall. 

He and Kevin had a good relationship growing up, but as they moved out, their connection started breaking.

Kevin Started Crying

Kevin, presented in court for nine assault cases, was proven not guilty by the law on July 26th.

He went on a lengthy trial at a UK court, and after all the evidence and jury decision, he was read out not guilty.

It was a very emotional moment for him. He started crying after he was proven innocent. He hugged his legal team and manager. 

His attorney proved that the three of his charges were just made up and had no relevant facts. 

Also, some of the big celebrities came to his defense, sharing that he was not present at the places where the assault took place. 

Because of his team's support, he managed to get himself out of assault charges. That was a big moment for him; he couldn't control his tears.

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