Who Is Thomas Fowler? Father Of Kevin Spacey

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Who Is Thomas Fowler? Father Of Kevin Spacey

Thomas Fowler is the father of Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey. He was born in 1924 in Colorado. He was a data consultant and technical writer. 

He was a neo-Nazi and white supremacist. He tied the knot to Kathleen Fowler. They were parents to their three kids; Kevin, Randall Fowler, and Julie Ann Fowler.

Thomas Fowler with his wife Kathleen Fowler.
Thomas Fowler with his wife Kathleen Fowler. Source: Pinterest

Thomas Was Abusive To His Children

Thomas was known for his Neo-ideology. In an interview, his oldest son Randall alleged that he used to brutalize his kids for many years. 

He added he and his siblings grew up in a house of horrors. He regarded his dad as 'The Creature.' 

He added they never had a normal childhood. He said his sister ran away at 18 after she was fed up with her father's beating. 

He revealed his brother Kevin reached the point where he had no feelings. Kevin also shared that his father abused him. 

He said he listened to his father's racist lectures for several hours as a kid, which was a terrifying experience. 

He added he was even scared to bring his friends to his house. 

Thomas Fowler's sons, Kevin and Randy.
Thomas Fowler's sons, Kevin and Randy. Source: Facebook

Is Kevin Dating Anyone?

Kevin is not dating anyone at the moment. He has never been married in the past and does not have any kids.


Thomas died at the age of 68 in 1992

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $30 million

Kevin Was Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Kevin was accused of sexual assault in 2017 for the first time, and after that, a series of sexual assault allegations were made against him. 

He was at the peak of his career, and this accusation turned his life upside down. He lost his work and reputation within days. 

Recently the jury made a verdict in favor of him. He was cleared of sexually assaulting nine people charges. 

After the trial, he said it would take him a lot of time to process things. 

He thanked the jury for examining evidence meticulously before reaching their final verdict. 

He added he was humbled by the decision the court made.

Kevin Talked About Playing Franklin Underwood in House Of Cards

Kevin played the role of Franklin Underwood in the Netflix television series House of Cards

In an interview, he said he loved playing Franklin because his character keeps changing and growing, and he learned many things from his role. 

He said he loved how his character holds power and navigates people around him. He said his character is 17 moves ahead of everyone. 

Presidential Photographer Pete Souza Photographed Kevin

The photographer of the White House, Pete Souza, photographed Kevin

He shot some pictures for him when he was on the street in campaign mode in character. He said they shot the campaign for House of Cards

He added he thought he was actually on a campaign trip. He shared almost everyone whom he met on the street called him Mr. President

He said he had a fantastic time on the street. He joked that he could run for President even without any platform. 

Kevin Talked About Unveiling His Portrait As Frank Underwood

Kevin said there was a genuine unveiling of his portrait as Frank, so he showed up as Frank for the event. 

He even gave the speech as President

He said the portrait would be there on the walkway of entry in the Smithsonian for six months, and they hoped if someone but the portrait. Then they would donate it to Smithsonian

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