Who Is Karina Vanesa Gutierrez? Mother Of Lautaro Martinez

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Who Is Karina Vanesa Gutierrez? Mother Of Lautaro Martinez

Karina Vanesa Gutierrez is the mother of Argentine professional football player Lautaro Martinez

Her son currently plays for Inter Milan in the striker position. Her husband's name is Mario Martinez.

She has three children with Mario. She is an Argentine citizen

Karina Vanesa Gutierrez and her husband posing with their son and granddaughter.
Karina Vanesa Gutierrez and her husband posing with their son and granddaughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Karina 

Karina is married to her husband Mario and has three sons with him. Their sons' names are Jano, Lautaro, and Alan. 

Who Is Karina's Son Lautaro Currently Dating?

Lautaro is currently in a relationship with Agustina Gandolfo. The couple has been dating each other since 2018.

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They welcomed their first child, daughter Nina, two years after dating in 2020. 

Family of Lautaro Martinez.
Family of Lautaro Martinez. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Karina's age and net worth are unknown. However, his son Lautaro is 24 years old and has a net worth of $5 Million. 

Karina Vanesa Gutierrez with her son, Lautaro Martinez.
Karina Vanesa Gutierrez with her son, Lautaro Martinez. Source: Instagram

Lautaro’s Goal Was Not Worth It

Lautaro scored a goal for Inter Milan against Liverpool in the Champions League. 

It was the only goal in the game and was finished beautifully. The goal increased the team's morale, and they were doing really well. 

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But they later had to lose a player from a red card, and the presence of only ten players made it difficult for them to score more goals. 

Although Lautaro scored the goal, they could not move forward in the League. 

They needed more goals, but they couldn’t. Lautaro said that although he scored a beautiful goal, it was not of any use or worth. 

He also admitted that his team needed more training and improvement. 

He also said that his team should focus on every small move and detail of the opposing team. 

Lautaro expressed that he and his team would do their best in the Series A league.

Was Lautaro Okay Not Scoring?

Lautaro won the Coppa Italian Frecciarossa Final against Juventus with his team Inter Milan. 

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It was the trophy that they were working so hard from. All the year along, Lautaro said that he and his team have been doing their best to bring the trophy to their home. 

Inter Milan scored four goals while Juventus scored just 2. Sadly for Lautaro, he didn’t score any goal. 

As an attacking player, he revealed that he always wants to score. 

But he also said he was not sad about not scoring in the finals. Because for him the team win was more important. 

He knew he did everything possible to help his team, which was enough for him. 

He also said that they were only going to celebrate that day only. But from the next day, they were going to plan for their future challenges.

Lautaro Lives By Three Important Values

Lautaro answered 12 questions asked by the interviewer, where he also revealed the values or ethics that he lives on in his life. 

He revealed that there were three things that he concentrated most on every single time. 

He included humanity, hard work, and responsible as his most important ethics in life. 

Following the same values, he revealed that his dream was to work hard and represent his country Argentina in World Cup. 

He also revealed in the same interview that his father was his role model, and he has always looked after his father. 

He also included in the interview that in the future, he was to improve as much as he could and be in his best form.

Lautaro Almost Chose Basketball As A Career

Lautaro is now a known name in football, but as a growing child, he was also tilted toward basketball to choose as a career. 

His brother Jano revealed that they used to play basketball as a child, and Lautaro was really good at it. 

Lautaro liked both football and basketball and wanted to choose both for his future. 

But his father made him choose between basketball and football. He was in real confusion as he loved both sports. 

But finally, Lautaro decided to choose football and give his all in for the sport, and now he is a successful football player.

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