Who Is Kayoko Otani? Mother Of Shohei Ohtani

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Who Is Kayoko Otani? Mother Of Shohei Ohtani

Kayoko Otani is the mother of Japanese professional basketball pitcher Shohei Ohtani

She is a former national-level basketball player in her college days. 

She is married to Toru Otani and shares three children with him. She is an American citizen.

Kayoko Otani's husband and son.
Kayoko Otani's husband and son. Source: Pinterest

About Kayoko's Son Shohei 

Shohei is a professional baseball pitcher, designated hitter, and outfielder

He is known for playing for the Los Angeles Angels of MLB. He was born to his parents in Oshu, Iwate, Japan 1994

He has his birthday on July 5. His mom was a badminton player, and his dad was a baseball player

Kayoko Otani with her son, Shohei Ohtani.
Kayoko Otani with her son, Shohei Ohtani. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Shohei

Shohei is currently unmarried and single. He is entirely focused on his career for now. 

However, there has been a rumor of Shohei dating Kamalani Dung, a softball player

Their dating rumor started after Kamalani posted a picture with Los Angeles Angels players when she went to the stadium to see the game. 

Her picture with Shohei caught the public's attention, and everyone suspected them of dating. 

The rumors ended after Kamalani publicly revealed her relationship with Dillon Pakele

 Kayoko Otani's son Shohei Ohtani.
Kayoko Otani's son Shohei Ohtani. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Shohei is 28 years old. He has a net worth of $15 Million

Shohei Wants To Be Best In The Season

Shohei gave an interview just after playing the all-star games, and he was one of the best on the pitch during the match. 

Playing so long in the league, he seemed to have improved a bit of his English, as back then, when he was new, he didn't even know a single word and couldn't understand anything. 

But in that interview, he answered some of the questions and understood most of the questions the interviewer asked. 

He did need a translator, but he was doing all fine. 

He then revealed that the best player in the season gets the MVP, Most Valuable Player title, and he always wants to be the best. 

That is the reason that he won the MVP in the previous year and is targeting to win MVP in the coming days. 

He also revealed that his preference for hitting on the pitch rather than pitching remained unchanged. He wants to be the best in every season. 

Shohei Doesn't Want To Change

Shohei is a talented baseball player, and his skill at pitching is seen during his match. 

He has always dreamed of being the best baseball player since he was a child. 

He always wanted to be better in baseball and suitable as a person. He values being excellent and trustworthy to others, even the unknown ones. 

He has seen people showing their true nature after they started getting famous, and he doesn't want that for himself. 

He also noticed people around him changing after he got into the spotlight. 

People started seeing him as another person, but he didn't want to be seen in different ways and didn't want to change. 

He wants to be good and better every day. He loves who he is and always wants to be like that. 

Holding On To Ichiro's Advice  

Shohei talked about his MLB career in an interview. 

There in the interview, he revealed that he is very confident about his skills, but he dislikes asking about improving techniques to his coach or any other player. 

He hated talking about that matter to anyone. He opened up that Ichiro Suzuki, a former baseball player was the one who taught him a lot of things. 

He looks up to him and still holds into the advice given by Ichiro. Ichiro was the one who made Shohei believe in himself, his skill, and his potential. 

He has learned all the technical things from Ichiro's advice and everything he has ever known from Ichiro; he will carry his whole life. 

Manga Inspired Shohei To Play Basketball 

Shohei gave an interview to GQ Sports where he showed his top 10 things that he never forgets to take with him, and the first thing was his Ipad. 

He opened up that he takes the iPad everywhere he goes. It is the device to keep him organized. 

From his daily routine to pitching and hitting statics, he does everything on that iPad. 

But he revealed that he doesn't watch movies or series on his iPad. Instead, he watches movies on his TV. 

He only uses his iPad to read the manga. He liked the Slam Dunk manga. 

He said that after reading the manga, he felt like playing basketball. He loves that sport. 

He said that he was evil at it, but still, he loved it. He also showed the personalized pillow that he had made for himself. 

It perfectly fitted his head, and it was comfortable for him. That is the reason that he carries it everywhere he goes. 

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