Who Is Toru Otani? Father Of Shohei Ohtani

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Who Is Toru Otani? Father Of Shohei Ohtani

Toru Otani is the father of Shohei Ohtani, a professional baseball pitcher from Japan who currently plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball.

Toru got athletic genes from his parents, who were involved in sports during their early years. 

His dad was an outfielder for a non-professional baseball team. 

Toru is married to Kayoko Ohtani. They met each other at college. They tied the knot in 1986.

They share three kids altogether. His wife played badminton at the national level. Toru started coaching his son when he was in elementary school.

Toru Otani's wife and son.
Toru Otani's wife and son. Source: Twitter

Is Shohei Dating Anyone?

Shohei is very private when it comes to his love life. He has never spoken anything about his relationship. 

However, there was a rumor that he was in a relationship with Kamalani Dung, a model. 

In 2022, Kamalani posted a picture where she hugged him and wished him good luck for his game. 

That post made fans curious that they were secretly dating each other. 

But neither of them confirmed their relationship publicly. At the moment, Shohei is single and not dating anyone.

 Toru Otani's son, Shohei Ohtani.
Toru Otani's son, Shohei Ohtani. Source: Instagram


Toru was born in 1962, and his current age is 61. 

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated at $10-15 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional baseball player.

Toru Otani with his son, Shohei Ohtani.
Toru Otani with his son, Shohei Ohtani. Source: Twitter

Shohei Shed Some Light On His Childhood Days

Shohei started playing baseball in elementary school as his father used to play baseball, and he introduced baseball to him at a very young age. 

In an interview, he shared that during the weekends, he used to practice baseball with his father. 

He was not enrolled in any local club and was only used to play minor league. 

He spent most of his weekends playing baseball as a kid. He also took swimming lessons till sixth grade. 

Shoehei Shared His Off-Season Routine

Shoehei practice usually starts at ten o clock, so he wakes up around eight in the morning, has his breakfast, and rests for a while before heading to his practice. 

He added that his weightlifting practice session gets extended for two to three hours. 

He gets home by three and has his lunch. He takes a power nap for two to three hours, and after that, he eats his dinner and returns to his bed.

Sound Sleep Is Very Important For Ohtani

Ohtani said that as a pitcher, he must get good sleep. 

He said that when he makes his starts, he gets four to five days off in between, and he had to make most of that time to recover. 

He said to make 20 to 30 starts in a year in the second half of the season, he should not exhaust his body too much, and for that, he should take good sleep. 

He shared that there are some nights when he cannot sleep properly. 

He said that he tends to fall asleep quickly at night when he plays poorly or doesn’t perform as expected. 

On the other hand, when the game goes well, he gets carried away by his adrenaline and can't fall asleep quickly. 

What Do Ohtani Values Most In Life?

Ohtani said that people should be loyal and trustworthy to society and everyone, even if they don't know each other. 

He shared he wanted to be a better version of himself and, at the same time, get better at baseball. 

He said that after he got into the spotlight, he started to value these things. 

He added that some people change over time and show their true colors, and he didn’t want to be like that person.

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