Who Is Kelli Carpenter? Ex-Wife Of Rosie O'Donnell

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Who Is Kelli Carpenter? Ex-Wife Of Rosie O'Donnell

Kelli Carpenter is a well-established entrepreneur and producer. She was born in Louisiana, USA.

Her nationality is American. She runs two companies. 

She is co-founder of R Family Vacation and is always associated with Tzell Travel.

Despite her own achievement, she is known mostly as the ex-wife of popular comedian and actress Rosie O'Donnell.

Kelli's Relationship With Rosie O'Donnell

Kelli got married to Rosie back in 2004 in San Francisco. They tied the knot with each other after a year of dating. 

They started seeing each other in 2003. They parted their ways after six years of marriage. 

Kelli Carpenter with her ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell
Kelli Carpenter with her ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell Source: People

Kelli's Present Wife

Kelli is married to pop and jazz singer Anne Steele. The couple got married back in 2013.

They have been in relation for more than eight years.

Kelli Carpenter with her wife Anne Steele
Kelli Carpenter with her wife Anne Steele Source: Instagram


Kelli is 54 years old. She is Christian. She is of average height. Details about her height and weight are unknown.

Net Worth

Kelli's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

All her income is from her business and shows, and production.

Parents, Siblings And Children

Kelli's mother is Melanie Safer, and her father is Charles Carpenter. She has two siblings, J.J and Heidi

She has one child from her ex-partner Rosie through artificial insemination. 

They also adopted three kids and raised them.

Kelli Carpenter with her wife and children
Kelli Carpenter with her wife and children Source: Instagram

The Tragic Story Of Kelli's Ex-Wife Rosie

Rosie lost her mother when she was just ten years old. She has a very tough childhood. 

Her father was a troubled man. He was addicted to drinking. Her dad passed away at the age of 81.  

She also had difficulty raising her adopted daughter Chelsea O' Donnell. Rosie was not a good mother. 

She was always on weed or drinking. Chelsea never felt loved by her. 

When she got pregnant for the first time, her mother did not care about her. 

Mother and daughter did not have that bond at all. Rosie had been battling depression for many years. 

She was on medication. She has had a mental illness for many years. 

Her co-host Barbara Walters did not support her during her feud with Donald Trump on a talk show. 

She felt betrayed by her. 

Things went too far that Barbara refused to host the show if Donnell would be on that show. 

The production had to agree with her condition, and Rosie had to back out from the show. 

In 2017, Donnell's ex-wife Michelle Rounds killed herself due to mental health issues.

Rosie Had An Awkward Encounter With Priyanka Chopra In Malibu

Rosie approached Priyanka and Nick Jonas in Los Angeles to say Hi

At that time, Rosie had no idea who Priyanka Chopra was. They were seated next to her at Malibu

She talked to Jonas and said to Priyanka that she knew her dad, to which Priyanka replied, "You do, then who is my dad. 

Donnell quickly responded to Deepak Chopra. She thought that Nick was married to Deepak Chopra's daughter. 

But she did not know that Priyanka was a superstar in India and nowhere related to Deepak Chopra

She was mistaken at that time. So she publicly apologized to her. 

But some fans thought that her public confession and apology were worse as her actual father had already passed away, whereas some fans showed support for her.

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