Who Is Michelle Rounds? Rosie O'Donnell Husband

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Who Is Michelle Rounds? Rosie O'Donnell Husband

Michelle Rounds is the late ex-wife of American comedian, producer, actress, author and television personality Rosie O'Donnell. 

Michelle had a daughter named Dakota, who was adopted by her ex-wife, Rosie

She had a sibling named Tad Rounds. She was born in New York. She was an American citizen.

She committed suicide in September 2017 in her Florida apartment.

Michelle Rounds' ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell and daughter Dakota
Michelle Rounds' ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell and daughter Dakota Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Rosie 

Rosie has been married two times in her life. Back in 2004, she was happily tied her knot with Kelli Carpenter

The couple had four children together. 

They stayed as a couple for only a few months as they ended their marriage in the same year. 

After that, she tied her knot with Michelle Rounds in 2012, whom she was dating. 

They were married for only three years, and after that, they got divorced.

Michelle Rounds with her ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell
Michelle Rounds with her ex-wife Rosie O'Donnell  Source: People.com

About Rosie’s Children 

Rosie has five children from her two marriages. 

Her first child Parker Jaren was adopted by Rosie alone, but after her marriage with Kelli, he also adopted him. 

Talking about her three children, Vivi, Chelsea and Blake, they were from her first marriage with Kelli. 

Rosie and her second partner Michelle both adopted a daughter named Dakota together.


Michelle was 46 years old at the time of her death.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rosie is $120 Million

She earns as being a comedian, producer, actress, author and television personality.

Obsession With Bob Mueller 

In the interview with Seth Meyers, Rosie opened up about her obsession with Bob Mueller.

She really likes him a lot, and she opened with that she will tattoo Bob in her heart. 

She said that she wanted to get her posters, and moreover, she badly wants to meet him in person. 

She is really into Bob, and she loves him very much. She feels that Bob is fantastic. 

Then the interviewer told that he finds Bob like a severe man, but then Rosie replied by saying for her, Bob is like Captain America, a superhero

She loves, and she wants him to continue what he is doing, and she will always support him.

Donald Trump Called Rosie “Disgusting.”

Donald Trump and Rosie had issues with each other, which created huge controversy, and on the same ongoing issues, Trump called Rosie, a disgusting person. 

Not only that, Trump called her a slob and opened up about how he got attacked by Rosie.  

Trump said that he was very happy when he found Rosie failing her show, and he said that she deserved that and called her a bad person. 

He also called Rosie’s magazine a full disaster, and he was happy when he saw her failing in what she was doing. 

Trump also body-shamed Rosie saying that she was fat and ugly and she don’t deserve to be on television. 

The way he was talking about her completely showed his hatred for her.

Kelly Ripa Doesn’t Trust Rosie

In a talk show, Rosie talked about Kelly Ripa and opened up the reason why she didn’t sit with Kelly at Madonna Concert

She opened that she and Kelly were very good friends to each other and she knew her since she was a child. 

She loves her a lot, but things changed after she said Kelly was “Homophobic.” 

It was six years back when Rosie was on her show The View, and Kelly was not getting along, so she told Kelly that she look homophobic and that thing hurt Kelly

Rosie said sorry for what she said, but after those things, Kelly doesn’t trust her and even doesn’t like her.

But Rosie is absolutely fine with Kelly disliking her. 

Rosie Threatened Her Own Daughter

Rosie has four daughters with her two partners. 

Some years back, Rosie opened up that one of her daughters named Chelsea ran out of her house and in an interview, she told that she misses her daughter a lot. 

But her daughter Chelsea revealed that she didn’t run out of the house; instead, her mom Rosie was the one who kicked her out of the house. 

Her daughter Chelsea was very offended by Rosie as she told her she has mental issues and said that she won’t forgive Rosie for what she did to her. 

Chelsea also showed the text message of Rosie threatening her not to speak anything in public. 

Those things proved that Rosie was a bad mother to Chelsea.

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