Kent Burningham

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Kent Burningham

Kent Burningham is the late father of model Lala Kent.

Kent Rulon Burningham was born on March 24, 1954. He lived most of his life in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

He completed his Bachelor's studies at the University of Utah. After graduating from college, he went on to become a real estate developer. 

He was always cheerful and loved partying and music. He was full of life. 

His family members shared that his humor was contagious. He always made people around him happy. 

Marriage and Children

Kent was married to a woman named Lisa Burningham. The exact date of their marriage has not been disclosed.

Kent was a father of three children. He had two sons and one daughter. 

Kent on his wedding day with wife Lisa
Kent on his wedding day with his wife Lisa  Source: Instagram

His proudest accomplishment was his children. His eldest son's name is Brandon Burningham

His third child's name is Easton Burningham, and his last, youngest, and only daughter is the famous Lala Kent. Her real name is Lauren Elyse.

Kent was not only a father. He was also a grandfather to three kids named Drayson, London, and Ocean

Drayson and London are the children of his first son Brandon. His only granddaughter who is the daughter of Lala is Ocean

Kent Burningham wife and granddaughter Ocean
Kent Burningham wife and granddaughter Ocean  Source: Instagram

Kent used to live with his wife in Salt city, Utah, United States. 

Reason for Kent's Demise

Kent died in the year 2018, and the reason for his untimely death was a stroke. He suffered from a stroke while driving a car.

He got into an accident right after having a stroke. He was dead at the spot. 

His death shocked his whole family. His funeral was private, and no media was allowed. 

The family of Kent invited all their close members to pay tribute to him. To tribute him and cherish him forever, the family decided to celebrate his life.

They collected donations and donated those managed funds to the humane society of Utah

This event was held after few days after his funeral on May 2, 2018. The location was at Porcupine Pub and Grille

They also requested their loved ones to plant memorial trees in his memory.

Daughter Father Relationship

Kent's daughter Lala was affected mainly by his demise. She was informed about his death by her fiancé Randall Emmett.

She was destroyed and depressed by her father's death. She was also showing symptoms of destructive behavior.

She was highly dependent on alcohol. She was choosing alcoholism as the medium to forget about her father's death. 

Lala shared that she was always a daddy's girl. She had a hard time accepting his death. 

She said that her father is just her memories, which is why it is messing her up. 

Kent Burningham daughter Lala Kent
Kent Burningham daughter Lala Kent   Source: Instagram

After suffering from devastating times for a long, she finally decided to move. 

She was sad that he was not able to see his granddaughter Ocean

Lala said that he would have been the happiest to see his daughter being a mother. 

She has posted pictures of him on her Instagram account on his birth dates and father's days. 

She said that she would forever be her father's favorite kid and cherish every moment that she got to share with him.

She shared few pictures of him with heartfelt and emotional captions and thanked him for raising her so well. 

Kent with his daughter Lala Kent
Kent with his daughter Lala Kent  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The net worth of Kent was never disclosed. However, the estimated earnings of a real estate developer are around one hundred thousand four hundred and four dollars.

The net worth of his daughter is given below:

Net WorthSources
$2 millionModel, media personality

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Kent died at the age of sixty-four years old.
  2. His height was five feet eleven inches
  3. His weight was never revealed.

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