Who Is Lisa Burningham? Mother Of Lala Kent

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Who Is Lisa Burningham? Mother Of Lala Kent

Lisa Burningham is the mother of an American TV personality and actress, Lala Kent.

She was married to her husband, Kent Burningham. Sadly, her husband passed away in 2018

She shared two children, a son Easton and a daughter Lala. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Lisa Burningham's late husband, Kent Burningham, and their daughter.
Lisa Burningham's late husband, Kent Burningham, and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Lisa's Daughter Lala 

Lala is a TV personality and an actress. She is well known for her appearance in the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules

She is also the founder of the beauty line Give Them Lala Beauty.

She was born to her parents in 1990 and has her birthday on September 2

Married Life Of Lala

Lala isn't married yet, but she is currently dating someone now.

She hasn't revealed the identity of her current partner but has shared that she has a great love and s*x life with her new boyfriend. 

Before this new guy, Lala was engaged to Randall Emmett. They met in 2015, and shortly after, they started dating. 

A year after that, she was proposed by Randell. They share a baby named Ocean Kent, born in 2021

Their relationship ended in the same year after their son's birth.

Age And Net Worth

Her daughter Lala is 32 years old. She has a net worth of $2 Million.

Lisa Burningham with her children and grandchild.
Lisa Burningham with her children and grandchild. Source: Instagram

Lisa Got Bumped By The Car

Lisa and her daughter Lala went to the shopping center a year back, and there they had an incident where Lisa's daughter had to call the police. 

What exactly happened was Lisa, and her daughter Lala were in their car trying to take their place in the parking lot. 

A Mercedes was about to leave the space, so Lala told the car they would take their place. 

At the same time, a woman with her car blocked the way to Mercedes to take the space. 

Lisa came out of the car and told the woman to remove her vehicle so that the Mercedes could come out and they could take place, but that woman started misbehaving and then used absurd words. 

The same woman then ran her car and bumped Lisa with her vehicle. Thankfully Lisa's shoe was enormous, and her leg got saved. 

At the same time, Lala took the parking area and called off the police.

Randell Misbehaved With Lala

Lala dated Randall Emmett for nearly six years and was even engaged. 

She separated from Randall after the daughter's birth and claimed that Randall harassed her and used abusive words while she was in a relationship with him. 

Lala revealed that she saw Randall's behavior change towards her even more after their first baby was born. 

He constantly tortured her, and now when she looks back to the past, she questions why she would stay with such a man. 

However, Randall denied all the accusations claimed by Lala and stated that he was the one that got used by Lala.

He even said that he treated Lala like a queen and never harassed or used bad words toward her.

Lala Was Lied By Randall

Lala and Randall shared a five and half year relationship. When Lala got into a relationship with Randall, he was married to Amber. 

She knew that Randall was married, but Randall told her that he and his then-wife Amber had separated and were on the verge of getting a divorce. 

Because of that, Lala got into a relationship with him and accepted his proposal. 

But after Lala's affair ended with Randall, she learns the harsh truth that Randall lied to her about his marriage. 

She saw a screenshot of Randall trying to fix his relationship with Amber in 2017

If she knew that Randall was trying to fix his marriage, she would never have gotten between him and Amber. 

She has always believed in marriage and destroying someone's marriage life; she couldn't even think about it.

Lala Is Disgusted By S*x 

Lala revealed about the time when she felt disgusted by the s*x. 

After her breakup, she hated having s*x. She started seeing s*x in a very different way. 

She just felt that s*x was nothing but just a disgusting thing, and the reason behind her feeling that way was because of the man that she had lived with for so many years and betrayed her. 

She also talked about the time when she was so into s*x. She used to enjoy being intimate, one-night stand things, but she found it very dirty after the breakup. 

She didn't even like her friend sharing their s*x moments with her. She completely changed her way of seeing s*x and distanced herself from the s*x.

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