Who Is Kim Munn? Mother Of Olivia Munn

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Who Is Kim Munn? Mother Of Olivia Munn

Kim Munn is the mother of actress Olivia Munn. She is of Chinese descent, whereas her ex-husband Winston Barrett is of Irish and German descent

They got separated when Kim was just two years old. She later got married to a US Air Force personnel who is from Japan

Kim was born and raised in Vietnam

Kim Munn with her daughter, Olivia Munn.
Kim Munn with her daughter, Olivia Munn. Source: Instagram

Kim Started Crying A lot

Kim is well known as the mother of popular actress Olivia Munn

In an interview with Letterman, Olivia talked about her family and mom. 

At the beginning, she talked about her show Newsroom where she plays the character who knows everything about contemporary finances. 

The interviewer wanted to know if she knew about it in real life too. 

Olivia replied that she does have to understand those things so that she could do her dialogs efficiently and also had help when she faced a struggle about something. 

She then talked about her family and said that her love for her family is at level two. 

She and her family are from Oklahoma, but she barely visits there. 

She had a classical Asian family and recalled the day when she visited for Thanksgiving. 

She went there all excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family, and when she showed up at her house, her mom and aunt shushed her up, telling her that they were busy watching Korean movies. 

On the same day, when she was having dinner with her family, she started choking. 

She was coughing and was all teared up. Her mom Kim asked for help with her aunt, who happens to be a doctor. But her aunt was enjoying her food and told her that Olivia was just coughing. 

That’s the reason why Olivia doesn’t go to meet her family. She also talked about her mom Kim who has started becoming very sentimental. 

Since Olivia’s 30th birthday, Kim started crying a lot, thinking if she had been a good mom or not. 

Kim has a lot of regret for being a terrible mom, so when she called Olivia on her birthday, she told Olivia that she was crying. 

Olivia wanted to tell how horrible Kim had been, but she didn’t want to hurt, so she told Kim that she was the best mother.

Olivia said all the good things to her mom, and after hearing that, Kim told Olivia to raise her kids just the way Kim raised Olivia and her siblings, as she was the best mother.

Is Olivia Married?

Oliva is not married, but she is dating comedian John Mulaney

They have known each other for over a decade but were not romantically linked until 2021.

John was married to Anna Marie Tendler for six years, but in 2021, the two got separated. 

A month after their separation, John started dating Munn

In 2015 Munn said that she was a fan of John and wanted to hang around with him. So, finally, she got him in 2021.

They welcomed their first baby in November 2021, and his name is Malcolm.

Olivia Munn with her partner, and their baby.
Olivia Munn with her partner and their baby. Source: Instagram


Her daughter, Olivia, is 42 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter, Olivia's net worth is $15 million. 

 Kim Munn with her children.
Kim Munn with her children. Source: Instagram

Olivia Shares Her Daily Routine

Olivia said that she usually wakes up between 8 to 9 a.m. when there is no work to do, but when she is working, her call time is 5 a.m

She has a dog named Chance, who wakes up early and makes loud breathing noises, so she wakes up and gives him his food. 

Then he brings her dog back to bed and dances around with him. 

She shared that she starts her day by drinking celery juice, and 30 minutes later, she has avocado and half-boiled eggs. 

Then she does her workout. Her favorite workout is Taekwondo. She works out for an hour. 

She showers within 5 to 7 minutes. She wears comfortable jeans and a shirt. Then, she steams her face and does her skin care. 

She does her makeup in her living room on her coffee table, watching something on Animal Planet

She reads scripts and writes with her writing partner on a typical day. She has her lunch around 1 p.m. Then, she does her errands before 4 p.m. 

She shops at Bed Bath Beyond. She has her dinner around 6 p.m. and sometime around 9 p.m. She mostly orders Thai food for her dinner. 

After that, she hangs out with her dogs and has nighttime work with them. 

She is a big gamer and plays games for hours. She also watches TV, reads books, and scrolls her phone. She goes to bed around 2 a.m. 

Olivia Calls Her Mother "Tiger Mom"

While Olivia was growing up, she referred to her mom as tiger mom. She said that her mother was very intense. 

She shared it was customary to get her into Asian culture

She mentioned she used to share a bed with her sister and talk at night, and her mother used to come there and shout at them to keep quiet and hit them with her hands. 

She said that she used to throw thongs at her too. However, she noted that it was a normal thing in an Asian family. 

She said that she and her sister got more competent and used to put blankets and comforters over them so that when her mother came and hit them, it wouldn’t hurt. 

Her mother discovered they had tricked her, and Olivia saw a tiger rage in her mom's eye. 

Olivia Talked About Her First Kiss

Olivia shared that she had her first kiss at the age of thirteen. She was in eighth grade. She was in Japan at that time. 

She was new to the school, and she saw one boy and liked him at first sight. 

They became boyfriend and girlfriend, and she had her first kiss with him. 

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