Who Is Winston Munn? Father Of Olivia Munn

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Who Is Winston Munn? Father Of Olivia Munn

Winston Munn is a celebrity father. His daughter Olivia Munn is a well-known actress, host, and Tv personality

He is a doctor. He was born in New York. 

Married Life of Winston Munn

Winston married Olivia's mum Kim Sachmid after graduating from college. 

He met Kim in 1975 when she came to the US as a Vietnamese refugee. His wife is of Vietnamese descent. 

But their marriage didn’t work out well, and they got separated. Olivia was just two years old when her parents got divorced. 

Winston got married again to Sheila. He is happily married to her to date. He is a devoted father of five children.

Is Olivia Dating Anyone?

Olivia is in a relationship with John Mulaney. As per the sources, they started dating in May 2021

Winston Munn's daughter Olivia Munn with her boyfriend John Mulaney and their son Malcolm Hiep Mulaney
Winston Munn's daughter Olivia Munn with her boyfriend John Mulaney and their son Malcolm Hiep Mulaney. Source: Instagram

They met at a church in Los Angeles. Just after dating for four months, they were expecting their firstborn. 

In an interview with Seth Meyers, John said that he was in a relationship with the most beautiful woman and wanted to start a new chapter in his life with Olivia.


Winston is 71 years old. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Net worth

Winston's net worth is yet to be estimated. However, her daughter has a net worth of $25 million

She has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actress, model, comedian, and Tv personality. 

She is also an entrepreneur; she has been featured in many commercials. 

She has worked with many big brands. She has also invested in many business ventures. 

Winston Munn's daughter Olivia Munn
Winston Munn's daughter Olivia Munn. Source: Instagram

Fans Believed That Olivia And John Isn’t A Perfect Match

In 2020, John was in rehab for 60 days for alcohol and drug abuse. 

When he got into rehab, Olivia quickly tweeted that she was with him and rooting for him. 

When John completed his 60 days rehab session he divorced his wife. He was married to Anna Marie Tendler for six years at that time.

His ex-wife said that she was heartbroken that he decided to put an end to their marriage. 

It was completely John's decision to end their marriage. 

Fans were unhappy with him as he decided to leave her and quickly move on with Olivia. 

Fans sense that John betrayed his partner as in an interview, John said that he had no intention of having kids as he loves to spend quality time with his wife, whereas after leaving her, he moved on with Olivia and expected a child after four months. 

So the fans find their pairing odd. 

Olivia Was Obsessed With John

Olivia tried approaching John Mulaney years before he got divorced. 

Olivia met John at Seth Meyers wedding ceremony. John came with his ex-wife Anna. 

She even invited both of them for dinner. She tried to have a conversation with him. 

Later she confessed that she was obsessed with him and wanted to hang out with him and talk to him. 

She even emailed him, but she never got a response. 

Some of the fans on social media said that Olivia tried to break his marriage way before his divorce. 

Olivia Talked About Meeting Obama

Olivia was invited to the White House as they were doing a campaign on stopping sexual abuse. 

She took her parents with her to meet him. 

She shared a funny incident that when they went to Washington DC, her parents took a picture in front of the White House without realizing that it was the actual White House. 

She said that meeting Obama was a great experience. 

She added when she met him, he shook her hand and talked closely to her, saying that they got to be strong and do better things. 

He even shook hands with her step dad for a minute. 

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