Who Is Kolleen Maria Gipson? Mother Of Erykah Badu

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Who Is Kolleen Maria Gipson? Mother Of Erykah Badu

Kolleen Maria Gipson is the mother of Erykah Badu, famous American singer

Kollen was born in Grimes, Texas. She was the wife of William Wright Jr. They got married on August 21, 1970, in Dallas, Texas

But after some years of marriage, they separated, and Kolleen alone raised her three children.

She has a daughter named Erykah Badu. Her grandkids from her daughter Erykah are Puma Sabti Curry, Seven Sirius Benjamin, and Mars Merkaba Thedford.

And she has other children named Eevin Wright and Nayrok Wright.

Erykah Shade To Beyonce 

During Beyonce's Renaissance tour show, she shouted at Erykah while performing a song. 

This happened after Erykah commented on Beyonce wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Erykah had been wearing those for a very long time. It was her signature fashion, but that does not mean others can’t wear it. 

Some people thought Beyonce was either applauding Erykah or possibly shading her with the repeated shout-out. 

But these dramas might have been blown out by the internet. 

The more serious aspect of the story is that Lizzo’s name was excluded from the song line. 

This comes after three former dancers of Lizzo filed a lawsuit against her and her production company, accusing them of creating a hostile work environment with allegations of body-shaming, sexual harassment, and other discrimination. 

Beyonce might have possibly removed any Lizzo references from her show to avoid any controversy and keep the focus on her performance. 

And adding the shout-out to Erykah could have been a way to divert attention away from the situation with Lizzo

Kolleen Maria Gipson's daughter Erykah Badu.
Kolleen Maria Gipson's daughter Erykah Badu. Source: Instagram


Kolleen's daughter Erykah is 52 years old.

Net Worth

As a singer, Erykah's net worth is about $10 Million. She is living a pretty luxurious lifestyle.

Erykah Talk About Her Journey In The Industry 

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Erykah talked about her journey in the music industry. 

She said she stayed true to herself and did not change her style to fit in. 

She is a non-conformist and doesn't feel pressured to conform to industry standards. 

She also mentions using social media, especially Twitter, but sometimes people misunderstand her words, leading to unnecessary conflicts. 

And she also added her admiration for artists like Iggy Azalea and Dej Loaf

Do Assume Erykaj And Drake Had Some Connection

Erykah talked about her relationships and how they affected her and her partners. 

She is very true to herself, believes in herself, and allows herself to be faithful to herself. 

She is a very spiritual person. She believes in God. She mentions her close friendship with Jay Electronica and Andre 3000

And her spiritual connection with God. She also shared her story when Drake visited her son's school, and he had a good impact on him.

There were rumors about her and Drake wanting to date each other, but she clarified it. 

She talked about her interactions with Drake. She said she only sees him as a talented musician.

She also talked about how women have a crush on her and says humorously that nobody flirts with her in person, but they often do on social media. 

Erykah's Relationship With Jay Electronica

Erykah talks about her relationship with Jay Electronica. And she said how they bring out the best in each other. 

They have worked on music together but haven’t released an album because of their different chemistry in the studio. 

She jokingly teases that she told Jay not to make an album until she gives the green light, and she called herself his “enslaver,” which was said in a light-hearted manner. 

She seems to be a pretty funny and humorous person.

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