Who Is Larissa Pereira? Stunning Wife Of Roberto Firmino

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Who Is Larissa Pereira? Stunning Wife Of Roberto Firmino

Larissa Pereira is the stunning wife of Brazilian footballer Roberto Firmino who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool and the national team of Brazil.

Larissa came to the limelight after she started dating Robert. She is very popular on social media. 

She has got more than 550k followers on her Instagram.

Family of Larissa Pereira.
Family of Larissa Pereira. Source: Instagram

Married Life 

Larissa is happily married to Roberto. They started dating each other back in 2014

After dating for three years, they exchanged their wedding vows in 2017 and have been together ever since. 

He shared some videos and photos of his wedding party. The couple is blessed with three children.

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Larissa Pereira with her husband, Roberto Firmino.
Larissa Pereira with her husband, Roberto Firmino. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Roberto, is 31 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Roberto's net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

Roberto Grew Up In The Tough Neighborhood

The place where Robert grew up was very dangerous. There was gangster and drug dealer everywhere. 

His mother didn’t want her son to go out and play in such dangerous streets. 

But Robert was passionate about football. He was very daring right from the beginning. 

Even though his mother restricted him from playing outside, he found a way out to continue his passion. 

His mother shared that he used to wake up early in the morning while she was sleeping just to play football. 

He used to be careful to get out of the house and jump over the wall. 

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Firmino Didn't Have Enough Money To Live When He Was Young 

Firmino was born into a humble family. When he was 16 years old, he joined Figueirense. He had to go far away from home. 

But things didn’t turn out as planned. He wanted to return to his home back. His mother shared that he couldn’t bear to stay there. 

But due to financial problems, his family couldn't afford money to bring him back home then. 

She added that situation Roberto and everyone in the family cried a lot. 

He had to spend months there before collecting enough money to return home.

He was forced to stay at Figueirense because he didn’t have enough money to return home. 

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He spent some of his money on rent and food. He was very depressed at that time. 

That phase was brutal because he didn’t have money for food and rent. 

Firmino Saved His Parents From Poverty

After facing a lot of financial crises, Firmino stood up and worked really hard. 

He showed anger and frustration in his game. He played like a beast on the pitch. 

In 2011 he caught the eye of a German emissary, and he signed a five-year deal with Hoffenheim.

He impressed everyone with his skills, and in 2015 he was transferred to the Premier League club, Liverpool.

When he came to Liverpool, he amazed the world with his technique and football IQ and set the benchmark for himself. 

He is not only a great striker but also a team player and a perfect forward. He has all the qualities that every player dreams of. 

His hard work and dedication paid him off. Now he is living a good life with his family. 

He came from a poor background, but he worked hard and reached the position he is in today. 

Roberto Talked About Joining Liverpool

He said that it was his dream to play for Liverpool. He said he was very happy from the day he arrived in Liverpool

He said he is making the most use of his skill in the club, and he also likes living in Liverpool

He added the players were also very nice. 

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