Who Is Rebeca Tavares? Stunning Wife Of Fabinho

by Pragya Wed Oct 19 2022 Updated On Fri Nov 11 2022
Who Is Rebeca Tavares? Stunning Wife Of Fabinho

Rebeca Tavares is the wife of Brazilian professional football player Fabinho

She is active on social media and famous for her fashion sense. Her parents raised her in Brazil

She has her birthday on December 15. She is a Brazilian citizen.

Rebeca Tavares with her father.
Rebeca Tavares with her father. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Rebeca

Rebeca and her husband, Fabinho, have married each other since 2015

Rebeca has been very supportive of Fabinho throughout his career. 

They met in Spain; at that time, Fabinho was a loan player at Real Madrid

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Rebeca is currently pregnant with their first child. In August, she shared a picture of her with a baby bump. 

On the other hand, Fabinho revealed that they were expecting a baby boy and shared a baby shower video. 

Rebeca Tavares with her husband, Fabinho.
Rebeca Tavares with her husband, Fabinho. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Rebeca is 26 years old, and her net worth is unknown, whereas her husband, Fabinho, is 28 years old and has a net worth of 9 Million euros

Rebeca Needs To Be Careful

Rebeca, the wife of Liverpool FC’s midfielder Fabinho, is quite popular because of her husband. 

Rebeca is quite fond of using Twitter and posting many pictures and tweets in the media. 

But as the world is not a great place, Faninho always tells Rebeca to be more careful while posting because one wrong post can really be harmful to their privacy and future.

But to Fabinho’s surprise, Rebecca is doing quite well in the Tweeter. 

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Her fans really like her pictures and Tweets. 

Fabinho is not so active on social media, so he doesn’t know much about what is happening there. 

But listening to others and looking out for her wife’s posts, he seems quite calm and secure. 

He is relaxed that his wife is doing all good with the media stuff.

Rebeca Tavares with a baby bump.
Rebeca Tavares with a baby bump. Source: Instagram

Fabinho Was Not Worried About Haaland

Haaland slays in the Premier League with his performances and talent of scoring from even a tiny space. 

So he was thought to be a great threat for Liverpool FC as they were up against Manchester City

But Fabinho expressed that he was not so worried about Haaland after the match. He revealed that they had everything planned. 

Fabinho said that his team needed good communication and understanding between the teammates to win, and they had it. 

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Also, Liverpool had brilliant players like James, Joy, Silva, and many more. So he was feeling great about the game. 

Moreover, the defense was really good on Liverpool’s side, and they left no space behind. 

So he was sure to get a win and a 1-0 lead over Manchester City.

Fabinho Will Fight For The Position

Lately, the news is all over the media that Liverpool is trying to get a new midfielder for the team as many injuries have been going on, and they need someone to replace those injured players. 

Fabinho is one player likely to be replaced if the new midfielder comes to the club. 

When asked about it, the midfielder said he had no problems with the ongoing scenario. 

He was okay with the new transfer coming to the club because the club needs young and better players. 

But he did say that he would give his best in every match and fight hard for his position and number. 

He also said that any other midfielder except Bellingham would not fit into the team, and the team would worsen.

The First 20 Minutes Are Important

After the win over Villarreal in the Champions League semi-finals with a 3-2 victory, Fabinho presented his view. 

According to him, the first 20 to 30 minutes of the match are really critical, and his team wanted to give their best during those times. 

But unfortunately, the opponent scored two goals in the first half. 

Moreover, Villarreal scored in less than 5 minutes, allowing the team to win the semi-finals. 

But Fabinho also expressed that they were not giving up so easily and not especially in the semi-finals. 

So they worked their way out and scored three goals which guaranteed their position in the finals of the Champions League.

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