Who Is Larry Palmer? Father Of Keke Palmer

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Who Is Larry Palmer? Father Of Keke Palmer

Larry Palmer is the father of Keke Palmer, an American actress. Keke was born on August 26, 1993, in Harvey, Illinois, and grew up in Robbins, which is nearby. 

She was raised in a catholic family. Her parents, Sharon and Lawrence “Larry” Palmer used to be actors before they got regular jobs. He had four kids Kiki, Loreal, Lawrencia, and Lawrence Palmer.

Larry Palmer's wife and their daughter.
Larry Palmer's wife and their daughter.

Keke's Boyfriend Was Looking For Usher

Keke is an actress who recently appeared in Usher’s music video for his song “Boyfriend.” 

This came after some drama between Keke and her boyfriend, Dauris Jackson

Usher is the famous singer who shared a teaser trailer showing clips of him and Keke for the song. 

The video in Las Vegas shows Keke in a hotel room, looking confident and hanging out with friends. 

The lyrics include Usher singing about someone saying Keke’s boyfriend is looking for him. 

In July, Keke’s boyfriend criticized her outfit at Usher's concert, which caused controversy. 

He explained that he has specific values and standards for his family.

Keke has a baby with her boyfriend, and they talked about their relationship on her podcast before the incident.

At first, Keke’s boyfriend, Darius, felt overwhelmed and pressured to perfect their relationship. 

He thought he needed to meet high expectations. Usher also talked about the situation. 

He said it was a fun moment when they were in Las Vegas, and people had different opinions about it. 

He believes it was a light-hearted topic and doesn’t see any negativity. 

Keke Palmer with her boyfriend.
Keke Palmer with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram


Larry's age is not known. However, his daughter is 29 years old.

Net Worth

As an actress, Keke's net worth is about 7.5 Million Dollars.

Why Did Keke's Boyfriend Darius Criticize Her?

The real reason for Keke and her boyfriend Darius's controversy was Dauris commented on her outfit negatively. 

He criticized her outfit again on Twitter. Many people defended Keke and criticized Dauris for his comments. 

He later explained that he didn’t like her outfit because they had a family together. 

Later Darius deactivated his social media accounts due to the backlash, and when he returned, he didn’t follow Keke and removed their picture together.

Keke talked about feeling more confident after having her baby and how she is growing in her career. 

Keke and Darius had a baby on February 25, 2023. Before attending Usher's concert, Keke made a particular Instagram post for Darius on Father’s Day

She expressed happiness about him being a great dad to their son Leodis. Keke hosted Saturday Night Live on December 3, 2022

She confirmed the rumors that she was pregnant during her opening speech by showing her baby bump. 

She shared that it is a blessing, and she is excited to become a mom. 

Keke Believes She Could Win A Grammy And Oscar Awards

Keke Palmer took a lie detector test where she answered questions about her life. 

She regrets not having a regular high school experience because she would have acted and sung. 

She doesn’t label herself as a triple threat but thinks she could win a Grammy, Oscar, and Tony someday

She confirmed her central role in “Akeelah and the Bee '' and admitted she is an okay speller. 

She said she didn’t go to wild parties when working at Nickelodeon, and she knows Ariana Grande, but the lie detector suggested she might not be candid about their friendship. 

She also mentioned she is interested in dark things but prefers not to get too scared.

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