Who Is Lawrencia Palmer? Stunning Sister Of Keke Palmer

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Who Is Lawrencia Palmer? Stunning Sister Of Keke Palmer

Lawrencia Palmer is the younger sister of actor, writer, vocalist, and director Lauren Keyana Palmer who is professionally known as Keke Palmer

She has three siblings, and one of them is her twin. Her parents are Sharon Palmer and Larry Palmer

Family of Lawrencia Palmer.
Family of Lawrencia Palmer. Source: 

Is Keke Married?

Keke is not married yet. Keke is in a relationship with Darius Jackson

They met each other for the first time in 2021. Her boyfriend is a fitness instructor. They share a son. 

Keke Is Featured In Usher's New Track 'Boyfriend'

Keke and Usher announced they are dropping their new song. 

The track was released on 19th August with a short music video teaser. 

Lawrencia Palmer's sister's family.
Lawrencia Palmer's sister's family. Source: Instagram

Keke's Boyfriend Criticized Her For Her Outfit

Palmer attended Usher's Las Vegas show last month and wore a black sheer dress for the concert. 

Her partner was no fan of her revealing outfit, and he expressed his opinion by retweeting a video on Twitter stating your outfit, though you are a mom.

After his tweet, many fans came to support Keke, and they bashed him for his comment. 

He again wrote that they live in a generation where a man from the family doesn’t want his wife and mother of kids to show their body to please others, and people think the man is a hater. 

He added he stands by his standards and morals he believes. 

They have unfollowed each other on Instagram but have not publicly revealed anything about their relationship status. 


Her sister Keke is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her sister Keke's net worth is estimated to be $7.5 million

Keke Talked About Her Motherhood Journey

Keke announced her pregnancy last December on Saturday Night Live

She welcomed her son Leo on February 2023. She said that she was ready to be a mom and was loving new chapter of her life as a new mom. 

However, she said that she is not getting enough time to sleep. She said her son is a blessing and loves him a lot. 

She added she couldn't describe how much she loves her son.

Palmer Took Her Twin Siblings To A Vegas Strip Club

Palmer has twin siblings named Lawrencia and Lawrence. She shared that when they turned 21, she took them to a Vegas strip club

She said she thought it was a fun thing to do. 

She said her brother brought his girlfriend too, and he checked compatibility charts with the stripper, and his girlfriend was going crazy. 

Keke Played A Stripper In The Movie Hustler

Keke was part of the 2019 movie Hustler alongside Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. She said she had been to many strip clubs. 

She shared that there is a spinning pole where the stripper dance on it, and Jennifer Lopez did it in the movie beautifully. 

She said her family was okay with her being a stripper for the movie, but the guy she was dating at that time was scared.

She told him she would be acting as a stripper in the movie, and he was excited for her. 

Palmer Sang For Jennifer Lopez

Palmer loved the movie Selena, and Jennifer was the lead actress. 

She loved the movie so much that she learned the Spanish song of the movie just for Jennifer

She waited to sing that song for her till the end of their shooting as they were doing a movie together. 

She sang it on a portable Karaoke. Unfortunately, Jennifer was not there as she had already gone. 

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