Who Is Laura LaBo? Mother Of Dax Shepard

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Who Is Laura LaBo? Mother Of Dax Shepard

Laura LaBo is the mother of Dax Shepard, an American actor. She was married to Dave Robert Shepard Sr

Her kids are Carly Hatter, Dax and David Shepard.

She has two grand daughters Lincoln and Delta from her son Dax.

Laura LaBo with her son, Dax Shepard.
Laura LaBo with her son, Dax Shepard. Source: Instagram

About Her Son

Dax was born on January 2, 1975, in Michigan. His parents divorced when he was young, and he moved around the Detroit suburbs. 

He went to The Groundlings school

He later moved to Los Angeles and became part of their comedy group. 

He has done movies like Without a Paddle, Zathura, and Employee of the Month

He also wrote, directed, and acted in a movie called Brother’s Justice. He appeared in the film When in Rome with his wife, Kristen Bell.

Dax Shepard with his wife.
Dax Shepard with his wife. Source: Instagram

Dax Is Financially Insecure

Dax is a famous actor and podcast host. 

He talked on his podcast about how the ongoing strikes in the entertainment industry are causing money troubles. 

He said he has been arguing with his wife, Kristen Bell, about finances and feeling very worried. 

This worry comes partly from his childhood experiences of not having enough money. 

He fears his podcast failing and strike affecting his acting career. 

Even though Dax and Kristen Bell are pretty rich from their acting work, the strikes still make them anxious. 

They have talked openly about how hard marriage is and even gone to counseling. 

They have been together since 2007 and got married in 2013. They have two daughters. 

Dax Has Some Rules For His Adult Daughters

Dax has discussed setting rules for his adult daughters who might live at home on his podcast. 

He said if they are 25-30 and living with him, he would want them to agree on rules, especially if they have someone staying overnight. 

He joked that he wouldn’t be comfortable seeing a guy in his underwear in his kitchen. 

He supports his daughters having relationships but doesn't want to see them at home. 

His wife Kristen joined the podcast and mentioned that people criticize them for letting their kids drink nonalcoholic beer. 

And Dax explained that it has very little alcohol, even less than some juices. 

Kristen said people sometimes get angry when they have facts, and Dax praised her for being logical. 

They both defended their choices and explained they are educated about these things.


Laura's age is not public yet, but she might be in her 80s

Net Worth

As an actor, comedian, and podcaster, her son Dax's net worth is about $40 Million.

Dax And His Family Were Kicked Out Of Airport

Dax and Kristen were at an airport with their two kids. 

Their flight was delayed for a long time, and they decided to stay at the airport instead of a hotel. 

They spent a lot of money, about $600 on pillows and blankets, to make a sleeping area on the airport floor. 

They joked about how much money they spent on these things. 

They even brought only one toothbrush for the whole family to share to save money. 

They played card games and tried to sleep, but airport officials came and told them they couldn’t sleep there. 

Later, they found friends who let them stay in their attic, and they went hiking with them the following day. 

The reason for letting them not stay at the airport is unclear. 

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