Lily Rudiger - Meet Mother Of Antonio Rudiger

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Lily Rudiger - Meet Mother Of Antonio Rudiger

Lily Rudiger is the mother of Antonio Rudiger, a German professional football player. 

Antonio plays as a center-back for Real Madrid and the German National Team.

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Born in West Africa

Lily was born in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. She was born and brought up in a large family where she had many siblings. 

Victim of the Civil War

Lily was one of the many victims of the Civil War which started in 1991 and continued till 2002

When the war was at its peak in 1991, Lily and her family decided to flee from their country, Sierra Leone, and sought refuge in Germany

Then they settled in Berlin, the capital city of Germany

There they lived in a social housing building which is in Neukolln, an area that was majority covered by refugees and immigrants.

Married German Citizen

Lily has been married to a German man, Matthias Rudiger. They met each other in Sierra Leone, where Matthias used to work as a mechanic. 

They fell in love and got married even though they had different races and cultures. They have four daughters and two sons together.

They have been married for more than thirty years. They are blessed with six children. 

They welcomed their youngest child, a son, Antonio Rudiger, in Berlin, Germany on March 3, 1993.

Their other son, Sahr Senesie is also a footballer who played for Borussia Dortmund and the youth team of the Germany national team.

After migrating to Germany, they made many sacrifices in their lives. They brought their children up in the Neukolln

They were not financially sound and lived on the 16th floor of a high-rise social housing building. 

They feared for their and their children's lives as the outside and streets were rough area so Lily would not even let their children go to the balcony. 

During an interview, Antonia said even though they were not rich, they had each other and money was never part of their discussion. 

Lily Rudiger husband and sons
Lily Rudiger husband and sons. Source: Instagram

Taught good lessons to their children

They both taught their children that the key to success is to be happy for others. 

Antonia said the best thing his parents taught him was never to be jealous of others. 

He said in today's world, people watch too much of what other people do and compare themselves to others. 

He doesn't compare himself to anyone and believes every person is special on their own. 

Though they were not rich they taught their children wisdom and Dignity. 

Antonia credits his parents for his success. He said that their past struggles influenced him. 

Lily Rudiger with her family
Lily Rudiger with her family. Source: Instagram

Supportive towards Antonio’s career

Lily and her husband Mathias are very supportive and influential figures in their son Antonio’s career. 

They helped him develop skills and a passion for football since childhood and guided him throughout his football journey.

Lily herself is the biggest fan of her son, Antonio. She is his defender when he faces racism and discrimination in his professional world.

Lily and Mathias gifted their son a football jersey with George Weah written on it as George was his childhood idol. 

Antonio wore that jersey every day to training. 

Lily would often take her son to football practice and would buy him everything he needed for his training or school. 

However, she couldn't provide her son money for a school trip one day which Antonio remembers to date as it somehow had a huge impact on him. 

He wanted to repay his parents for every sacrifice they made so when he signed a contract with the youth team of Borussia Dortmund, he told his mother that all their sacrifices would be worth it. 

Lily calls Antonio a soldier. 

Net worth

Her net worth is not known or under review. As of now, Antonio’s net worth is approximately £52,624,000 as of the 2023 report.

Who is her son married to?

Antonio has been happily married to his wife Laura Rudiger since 2019. They began dating in 2012

They are parents of two children. They gave birth to their first child, a son, in February 2020 and named him Djamal Sahr Rudiger

They welcomed their second child, a daughter in June 2021 and named her Aaliyah Trophy Rudiger. 

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