Linda Scheepers

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Linda Scheepers

Linda Scheepers is the mother of Belgian footballer Leandro Trossard

Linda is married to Peter Trossard. She has only one son with Peter named Leandro

She is the owner of a pub. She is citizen of Belgium

Linda Scheepers husband, Peter Trossard
Linda Scheepers husband, Peter Trossard  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Of Leandro Trossard 

Leandro is currently in a relationship with Laura Hilven

The couple hadn't opened up much about when they began dating, but in 2019 they tied the knot. 

They are very happy together and have a son. His wife Laura is two years older than him. 

They are happily living together with each other with their little son. They have already completed more than three years of married life. 

They are open about their relationship as they are seen posting many pictures of them on their social media.

Linda Scheepers son Leandro Trossard with his wife
Linda Scheepers son Leandro Trossard with his wife  Source: Instagram 

About Leandro Trossard

Leandro is a Belgian footballer born on 4 December 1994. He was born and raised by his parents in Maasmechelen, Belgium

He is well known as the player of club Brighton and Hove Albion, who plays as a winger. He plays for the Belgium National Team too. 

At the start of his career, he joined K.R.C. Genek academy in 2010

He has also played many championships and leagues. He is training hard to be one of the best player.

Leandro Trossard during match
Leandro Trossard during match  Source: Instagram


Leandro is 26 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Leandro is 3 Million euros. He earns as playing football. 

Linda Schreepers's Son Likes To Play Lego

Linda's son Leandro is a well-known football player. Playing for the Brighton & Hove Albion club, he has made a name for himself as one talented player. 

He plays for the club, but he is also one of the key player for the Belgium National team

Being such a brilliant player, people often wonder what he does in his free time. 

When he was interviewed in 2020, he said that he likes to build lego when he has some spare time for himself. 

He was building a lego Taj Mahal at that time. 

He said that it took many hours to build, and he enjoyed it. His that interest was shocking yet interesting.

Linda Scheepers grandson 
Linda Scheepers grandson   Source: Instagram

Leandro Trossard Drunk Controversy

Leandro's team won a title playing against club Brugge a few times back. 

It was a celebration time for Leandro and his team. They were celebrating and drinking a lot. 

After a lot of drinking, Leandro got drunk. He was far away from his consciousness. 

While he was drunk he started singing "All farmers are gay" and started attacking farmers. 

He then apologized to everyone and said that he did not mean any of it.

Trossard Is The Unluckiest Player

Leandro is undoubtedly one of the finest player. But in one of the EPL matches, he was considered the unluckiest player ever. 

Everybody remembers the day when Cristiano Ronaldo hit the cross bar three times in a match. 

He was then considered the unluckiest player. Leandro repeated the same thing. 

He also played an EPL match, and in that match, he hit the bar three times in a row in a single match. 

He was then considered the second unluckiest player after Cristiano Ronaldo.

Leandro is indeed a great player, but that particular match was bad luck for him.

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