Who Is Peter Trossard? Father Of Leandro Trossard

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Who Is Peter Trossard? Father Of Leandro Trossard

Peter Trossard is the father of Leandro Trossard, who is a Belgium Football player. He is married to Linda Scheepers.

They have two children.

Peter Trossard's wife and their son.
Peter Trossard's wife and their son. Source: Tribuna.com

Son Married Life

Leonard is married to Laura Hilven in 2019.

They started dating in 2014 while Laura was still playing for Genk, and they became parents in 2017

The couple got married in a private ceremony in June 2019, two years after the birth of their first child. Leandro is two years younger than Laura

They have two children, and both are sons. Their names are Thiago and Amadeo.

Family of Leandro Trossard.
Family of Leandro Trossard. Source: Instagram


Peter's son Leandro's age is 29 years old.

Net Worth

As a Belgian Football PlayerPeter's son Leandro's net worth is about $5 million.

Leandro Shows His Skills In An Interview

Leandro is a skilled footballer from Belgium who currently plays for Arsenal in the Premier League. 

He represents the Belgium national team. He gained attention for his impressive performances in Euro 2020

Before joining Arsenal, he spent seven years with Genk and moved to Brighton in 2019

In an interview with Leandro  Trossard from Arsenal, the host and host train together on the field. 

They do football drills like sprints and passing, acting like pro players. 

Leandro talked about the Champions League staying focused and robust during tough workouts. 

They practice passing, scoring, and supporting each other. 

The host highlights timing and teamwork, the importance of  for practical training, and the dedication needed to be a pro footballer. 

The conversation turns to getting better at football, focusing on shooting and dribbling.

Leandro talked about dribbling closely with the ball, and the coach gave tips on tackling. 

Leandro mentioned how his young son inspired his goal celebration and admits he finds dribbling hard. 

Still, he is cheerful and eager to keep training and getting better. 

During soccer practice, Leonard tried a free-kick challenge. 

After missing a few times, he scored a goal and surprised himself. 

The coaches praise him and tell him to keep getting better. 

Before sunset, he scored five free kicks, making coaches proud and showing his potential.

Leandro's Career 

Leandro's parents are Linda Scheepers and Peter. He is the eldest of two siblings. 

Leonard took after his father in appearance. 

During his childhood in Lanklaar, Leandro, a hyperactive child, he developed a passion for soccer. 

He grew up with his younger sister, and both siblings have fond memories of their childhood. 

The family lived near the Luminus area in the Maasland region, which is close to Genk City

Leandro's mother, Linda, ran a small cafe in Lanklaar, serving light meals and drinks to customers, many of whom were fans of Leandro.

His father, Peter, belonged to the Belgian working class. 

Despite their middle-class status, the family had a comfortable life with good financial stability and never faced financial difficulties. 

Leandro joined Patro, a small Belgian club, and later moved to FC Bocholt at fifteen due to Patro’s issues. 

Playing striker, he admired Didier Brogba and earned a spot in the Belgian national youth team after scoring 42 goals in two seasons. 

Genk and Standard showed interest, but he chose Genk at sixteen

In 2019, Brighton signed him to a four-year deal where he contributed to the team’s success. 

His impressive performance led to a transfer to Arsenal

This made an essential chapter in Leandro Trossard’s football journey. 

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