Who Is Linwood Jones? Late Father Of Lil Kim

by Manisha Sun Aug 13 2023 Updated On Tue Aug 15 2023

Linwood Jones is the late father of rapper and singer Kimberly Denise Jones, popularly known as Lil' Kim

He was from Trinidad but lived in Brooklyn, New York City. He was a former U.S. Marine

He passed ways in 2019. He was battling with Alzheimer's. He was married to Ruby Mae, and they had two kids together, Christopher Jones and Kimberly Denise Jones.

They separated when their daughter was nine years old.

Linwood Jones's ex-wife and their daughter.
Linwood Jones's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Is Kim Dating anyone?

Kim is not dating anyone at the moment. She is single. 

Does Kim Have A Child?

Kim is a mother to her beautiful daughter. Her daughter's name is Royal Reign. She was born in 2014

She shares her daughter with her ex-boyfriend Mr. Papers. Kim is often spotted with her daughter at many events. 

In an interview, she said her daughter was understanding and very good at her studies. 

Kim also got pregnant in 1996 but decided to abort her child. She got pregnant with her ex, The Notorious B.I.G

She said that during her relationship with Biggie, having a child was not a good decision as she knew what was going on in their relationship. 

Linwood Jones's daughter Lil' Kim.
Linwood Jones's daughter Lil' Kim. Source: Instagram


His daughter Kim is 49 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Kim's net worth is estimated to be $18 million

Kim's Dress Accidentally Slipped While Performing On Stage

Kim suffered from a wardrobe malfunction while performing at Hip Hop 50 Live concert at New York City Yankee Stadium

She was wearing a glittery crop top under Gucci cropped jacket with a pair of shorts. 

Her crop top slipped from the place which, revealed her intimate part. Despite the mishap, she seemed calm, and she performed onstage for the crowd.

Kim Talked About Her Favorite Female Rappers

Kim said that when she was young, she listened to and watched MC Lyte and Salt-N-Pepa

They are her all-time favorite female rappers. She said they influenced her lyrical style. She realized that she had a voice similar to Salt-N-Pepa

She was only the girl child in her family, and Salt-N-Pepa was the only female rapper group then. 

So she resonated the group with her and her personality. She said they had sexiness, were adamant artists, and didn't care about anything. 

She admired Salt-N-Pepa more as she believed they had many things in common. 

She loves to write and display people with pretty faces but with a rough edge. She added she was different than them in terms of rapping style. 

She said she was a female Biggie, a rapper. 

Kim Is A Spiritual Person

Kim shared that before she had her daughter, she had gone through many changes in her life, and after giving birth to her baby, she got to a point where he was not feeling herself and was trying to figure out things for herself. 

God showed her the path to following things she could not do at that time. 

She said she has a massive belief in God. She shared she had spoken to God, and God said that her lucky number was seven, and her favored number was nine. 

She shared she gave birth to her daughter on June 9, Biggie died on March 9, and there were nine members in the Junior Mafia, which she was part of. 

She mentioned she could not figure out these things until 2019. She said there is always the right time for everything, and God has planned things for her.

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