Who Is Ruby Mae Jones? Mother Of Lil Kim

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Who Is Ruby Mae Jones? Mother Of Lil Kim

Ruby Mae Jones is the mother of Lil Kim, an American rapper. Ruby Jones married Linwood Jones, but their marriage didn't last long.

Linwood died in 2019.

About Her Daughter's Childhood

Lil' Kim's real name is Kimberly Denise Jones. She was born on July 11, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York

Her parents were named Linwood Jones and Ruby Jones. Her dad used to be in the US Marine Corps

She had a big brother named Christopher. When she was nine, her parents split up, and she went to live with her dad, but they didn’t get along well. 

She went to live with her dad, but they didn’t get along well. 

She went to a school called Queen of All Saints Elementary School in Brooklyn

Later she attended Sarah J. Hale Vocational High School for a bit and then switched to Brooklyn College Academy to finish her schooling. 

When she turned sixteen, her dad made her leave home. After that, she left high school and started living on the streets.

Ruby Mae Jones's daughter and granddaughter.
Ruby Mae Jones's daughter and granddaughter. Source: Instagram


Ruby's daughter is 49 years old.

Net Worth

Kim's net worth is about $18 Million

Lil Kim Had A Wardrobe Malfunction At Hip Hop 50 Live

During a big concert Hip Hop 50 Live, Kim had a moment where her clothes had a problem. 

While singing her popular songs on stage at Yankee Stadium in New York City, her shirt moved, and her breast accidentally showed slightly. 

But she didn’t seem bothered and kept performing for the excited crowd. 

She wore a shiny short top, sparkly shorts, and a short jacket of Gucci Brand. She wore tall red boots and cool aviator sunglasses. 

She often wears eye-catching clothes that show off her great body. 

In 1999, she made a big impression at the MTV Video Music Awards. She wore a lavender outfit that people still talk about today. 

The outfit was put together by a stylish named Misa Hylton

She wore a shiny jumpsuit covered in sequins with a part that showed her left breast.

A matching sequin sticker covered her breast. This outfit became famous because of a joke from another rapper Missy Elliott

Missy noticed that Lil Kim’s nipples sometimes showed, so she said Lil should just come outside with one nipple showing. 

This idea inspired Misa Hylton, and she created a daring outfit for Kim for the VMAs

Even Diana Ross, a famous singer, playfully touched Lil Kim's breast on stage while performing with Mary J Blige during the awards show.

Won A Special Award At BET Hip Hop Awards

Kim talked about winning a special award at the BET Hip Hop Awards

The award is called the I Am Hip Hop Icon Award. She said this award is like a symbol of her long and successful career in hip-hop music. 

She feels fortunate and grateful to have received it. 

She mentioned that even though she has achieved a lot, there wasn’t just one moment when she realized how much her music mattered to people. 

She also said that she wants to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which she has always wanted to do. 

She talked about how some people might not believe she is a super famous icon, but she knows her fans and other artists appreciate her. 

She mentioned how her lyrics have influenced the music of artists like Cardi B and Remy Ma, which shows her impact. 

Lil Kim talked about how artists like Big Pun and Fat Joe have influenced her. 

She mentioned how Big Pun used her lyrics in his songs and how much of a respected figure he was in the music world. 

She then talked about a time when she was frustrated during her career. It was when she was working on a song called “The Benjamins.” 

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