Lisa Collins

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Lisa Collins

Lisa Collins is the ex-wife of American actor Billy Zane. Lisa herself is an actress by profession. 

She is well known for her role in the movie Fix. She has no children with Billy

She is of Australian nationality. 

Lisa Collins ex-husband Billy Zane
Lisa Collins ex-husband Billy Zane  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status Of Billy Zane

Billy was married to Lisa Collins. They both got married back in 1989

They stayed as a married couple for six years, and after that, they officially ended their marriage in 1995

After that, he dated model Kelly Brook. They were also engaged, but later they ended their relationship. 

They again reunited for some time, but in 2008, they finally ended their relationship. 

As of 2022, he is in a relationship with Candice Neil, a model. They met each other through a friend. 

They have two daughters together. They are not married yet but are happily engaged to each other. 

About Billy Zane

Billy's full name is William George Zane Jr is an American actor, producer, and artist born on February 24, 1966

He was born to Thalia and William George Zane Sr and was raised by them in Chicago, Illinois. 

He started his acting career in theatre. He is well known for his role in the film Titanic as Caledon Hockley

He has shown his acting skills in many movies and series. Some of the movies played by him are The Phantom, The Believer, and Demon Knight

Billy Zane, in his photoshoot
Billy Zane, in his photoshoot  Source: Instagram


Billy is 55 years old. His height is 1.84m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Billy is $20 Million. His source of income is an acting.

The average income of ab actor is $40,860 per year.

Lisa Collins's Ex-Husband Makes Movies

Lisa's ex-husband Billy is known to be a brilliant actor. He has played many important roles in Hollywood movies. 

But little people know about him that he is also a filmmaker. He makes his own movie.

He doesn't make high-budget movies. Rather, his interest is in making documentaries and modest movies focused on character play. 

Billy Zane Followed The Footsteps Of His Parents

Billy is undoubtedly one of the talented actor. He might not have appeared as a lead actor in the movies and series, but he has played his role in a memorable way. 

He is a great theater actor. His parents were also theater actors, and he used to go to the theater to see dramas with his parents. 

He followed in his parent's footsteps and joined theaters. He is still an active theater actor. He prefers theater more than mainstream acting.

Billy Zane Is Honored To Be Part Of Titanic

Billy played an important role in the legendary movie Titanic

He played a villainous character named Cal, the fiancé of the lead character Rose

He always gets questions related to Titanic movies, even if he goes for promotion of other movies. 

He always expresses that Rose should have ended up with Cal

He also said that he is blessed to have worked with a great team to make such a great movie.

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