Who Is Liva Hjulmand? Daughter Of Kasper Hjulmand

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Who Is Liva Hjulmand? Daughter Of Kasper Hjulmand

Liva Hjulmand is the beautiful daughter of a former football player and head coach of the Denmark national team Kasper Hjulmand. She was born in 2010

Parents Of Liva 

Liva was born to her father, Kasper Hjulmand, and mother, Vibeke Hjulmand

The couple has been together since 1992. It’s been over 30 years since their marriage.

Parents of Liva Hjulmand.
Parents of Liva Hjulmand. Source: Pinterest

How Did Her Parents Meet?

Kasper and Vibeke Hjulmand met each other firstly at Folk High School.

About Her Siblings 

Liva is the sister of two brothers. Kasper and Vibeke have given birth to two sons and their first son's name is Marcus. 

Marcus was born in 2000. The second son was born in 2003, named Mikkel Hjulmand.

Age and Net worth

The age of Liva is 12 years old. The net worth of Liva is under review. 

Instead, her father Kasper’s net worth is $5 million. He signed a contract of four years with a payment fee of $4 million with the Denmark national team

He is paid an average salary of $38,000 per year

About Her Father

Kasper was born on April 9, 1972, in Aalborg, Denmark. He is a former football player.

He used to play as a defender. Currently, he works as a football manager or head coach of the Denmark national team

Since July 1, 2020, he has started appearing as a head coach of the Denmark national team

Liva Hjulmand's father Kasper Hjulmand
Liva Hjulmand's father Kasper Hjulmand. Source: Pinterest

Step Toward The Coaching Career Was A Hard Phase

Kasper sold his house in Denmark and moved to Germany with his wife and three schoolchildren to start his coaching career, which was a pretty big step for him. 

In his first exclusive interview, he said they had a high quality of life in Denmark, and they couldn’t have asked for more, so they decided to take a leap. 

He said that it would make his family stronger, and even the kids would learn to tough it out after finishing the hard initial phase. 

The reason behind the tough phase was the kid had to leave their familiar environment behind, and his wife also had the same job for 18 years in Denmark

All these things were part of their identity. He knew it was a major step in his life, but together it was an exciting one for Kasper

Football Is All About Luck And Skill

In a conference meet after Denmark got a victory against Kasper was asked that did the injury of Kylian Mbappe and Raphael Varane made the game easier. 

Kasper said that, obviously, they are great players. Still, the team of Denmark was also quite good and competitive for others because the captain of Denmark and Andreas Christensen belonging to Chelsea, are also some great players as they were also unavailable in the same match although they got victory. 

All these things are called football, said Kasper.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Was Impossible To Enter For A Lonely Guy

When Denmark got their seat in FIFA World Cup 2022 after becoming the UEFA Group F winner, Kasper gave a big thanks to all the supporters from the stadium and the population. 

It was unbelievable how much energy would be gained by the team from the support. 

He said that now the club can look forward and go for the World Cup.

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