Who Is Mikkel Hjulmand? Handsome Son Of Kasper Hjulmand

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Mikkel Hjulmand is the second son of Danish coach and former footballer Kasper Hjulmand. 

His mother's name is Vibeke Hjulmand. He was raised by his parents with his two siblings, Marcus Hjulmand and Liva Hjulmand

He is a Danish citizen.

Mikkel Hjulmand with his siblings.
Mikkel Hjulmand with his siblings. Source: Facebook

Parents Married Life

Kasper is married to his wife, Vibeke Hjulmand. They have three children together named Marcus, Mikkel, and Liva.

Mikkel Hjulmand's father Kasper Hjulmand.
Mikkel Hjulmand's father Kasper Hjulmand. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Mikkel is 19 years old. His father Kasper has a net worth of $1.5 Million

Kasper Couldn’t Control His Emotions 

Kasper’s team Denmark was facing Finland again in the Euro Cup when an incident occurred before the second half, which left everyone shocked. 

A player named Christian Eriksen collapsed in the middle of the ground. 

He was a Denmark player who suddenly collapsed to the ground. Everyone rushed into him, and the medical team around gave him CPR. 

Kasper and the teammates in Denmark were really sad and emotional. Many started to cry and showed their emotions. 

They didn’t start the match until they knew that Christian was stable. 

The team was given the option to postpone the match to the next day. 

But despite that tragic incident, the team decided to play the match. They gave their 100 percent for the team and Christian

Kasper also couldn’t control his tears in the interview while talking about the whole scenario.

Kasper Took Risk

Kasper had a stable life in Denmark with his wife and three children. 

He was coaching a Danish team, and everything was going well. 

Still, Kasper decided to risk his stable life by moving to Germany to play for Mainz in Bundesliga

He sold his house and permanently moved to Germany with his wife and children. 

He believed it was indeed a risky and big move, but he knew for his career, and as a family, he had to make the tough decision. 

He also revealed that his children and wife were never away from their previous home. 

His wife had to leave her job where she had been working for 18 years. 

Also, the average life span of the coach in the Bundesliga was just one year and 13 days, so he did his research. 

Fortunately, he had belief in himself, and he took the step ahead to improve his career.

Kasper Wanted To Win For The Fans

Kasper’s team was going again the France national team for the National League, and it was a big game for Denmark’s side. 

They will win the group stage if they win against the France national team

It was a big match as France has one of the finest sets of players in the individual aspect. 

Kasper himself agreed that the French national team was one of the toughest teams to play against. 

Still, he believed his team could stand a chance and win against France

He knew that on the day of the match, the crowd would be on his side, so his team had to win for the fans if not for themselves. 

Denmark was capable of standing against any team, and he knew that. 

Hence he was not scared to admit in the media that his team could beat France and win the group stage.

Kasper Shared His Success

Many people don’t reveal the way they got successful in their careers, but Kasper seems to be quite open about his path. 

He gave up the three elements that led him toward success, and those were strategies, resources, and their use. 

He also has been a strategic coach, and it is something he is best known about. 

But to implement the strategy, he also knows how to create the player and deploy them at suitable positions. 

He knows how to make good use of the players that he is locked with, and he knows to bring the best out of them. 

He shared that he works with what he has and tries to do the best of it, which is the reason behind his success.

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