Who Is Louise Merson? Ex-Wife Of Paul Merson

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Who Is Louise Merson? Ex-Wife Of Paul Merson

Louise Merson is the ex-wife of footballer Paul Merson.

Louise Merson's husband Paul Merson
Louise Merson's husband, Paul Merson. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Louise

Louise is Paul's second wife. They were married for a short period. They share two children. 

Her ex-husband was addicted to drinking and gambling. But she stood by his side in thick and thin. 

However, she could not save her marriage as this gambling addiction tore them apart in 2013

At present, Paul is married to Kate Merson.

Family of Louise Merson
Family of Louise Merson  Source: Pinterest

Paul Was Married Once Before He Met Louise

Paul exchanged his wedding vows with his childhood sweetheart Lorraine Fletcher in the 1990s

The couple had three children together. Paul had an addiction to drugs and drinking. 

His ex-wife was well aware of his addiction, and she was not angry even though he blew up million euros in gambling. 

Later she realized the extent of his addiction, and she felt helpless. 

They were married when they were just 21, and Paul was at the peak of his career. 

Lorraine thought that she could fix him and save their marriage. Paul also went to rehab for treatment. 

But it could not save their marriage.

Lorraine gave up on him as she could not handle his addiction, and finally, they decided to part ways in 2001.


Paul is 54 years old. He is 6 feet tall. 

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. All his income is from his career as a football player.

Paul Talked About His Gambling Addiction

Paul said that if you want to get high, you have to put stuff into your body. 

He said only one drink would not make someone drunk, and after a drink, one cannot stop. 

He said gambling is not something that can be placed or put on; it’s there inside. 

He admitted that he used to wake up in the morning and bet on twenty basketball matches. 

He confessed that when the bet started, he used to get all excited and go on and on. 

And soon as he was done, he could not believe that he had spent all that money. 

He said that gambling is the same as drinking. 

Paul Discussed His Mental Health Struggles

In an interview, Paul revealed that he sat in his room with several tablets and a bottle of vodka more than a hundred times. 

After that, he realized that if he didn't want to keep feeling that way in the future. 

He just got fed from his drinking and addiction. At some point, he realized that he his habit was bad. 

He knew about his illness and wanted to recover from that. 

He wants to help the people who have gone through what he has faced in his past. 

He said that he did not know that he was suffering from depression. 

When he looked back now, he realized that he was suffering from depression. 

Sometimes he did not have the energy to go back to training and play games. 

He thought he was lazy. He said people don't know whether they are depressed or not. 

Paul Advise Neil Ruddock To Change His Habits

Paul was having dinner with his friends. 

Having a history of addiction to drinking and gambling, Paul is well aware that it causes many problems in one's life. 

Paul confronted Neil about his drinking habits. Paul discussed Neil's drinking in the pub and getting drunk. 

Neil got upset and left the room. It got into his nerves, and they had a verbal fight. 

Paul cared for Neil as he used to be in the same position as Neil six months before. 

They have been friends since they were 16. 

Later they again sat down together and had an emotional talk and reconciled.

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