Lucy Block- Tragedy Of Ken Block Wife

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Lucy Block- Tragedy Of Ken Block Wife

Lucy Block is the wife of the late American professional rally driver Ken Block. 

Lucy owns a company named Luna's Kitchen, a 100% gluten-free kitchen and bakery in Park City, Utah. 

She was a rally driver and raced in All-Wheel Drive competitions. 

Lucy Block's husband and children.
Lucy Block's husband and children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Lucy was married to Ken until his death. Her husband died on January 2, 2023, in a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Park City, Utah

Lucy got married to Ken in 2014. The couple shares three kids, and their elder daughter Lia Block is also a rally driver. 

She had been very supportive of her husband's racing career. 

Family Of Lucy Block.
Family Of Lucy Block. Source: Instagram


Lucy is in her 50s.

Net Worth

Lucy's net worth is not revealed. However, her husband has a whopping $100 million net worth. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional rally driver. 

He was also co-founder of DC Shoes. He was also the owner of Hoonigan Industries, a clothing brand for auto enthusiasts. 

 Lucy Block with her husband, Ken Block.
 Lucy Block with her husband, Ken Block. Source: Instagram

Death Of Her Beloved Husband

Ken died after suffering a fatal snowmobile accident in Utah on January 2. 

Executives at his clothing label confirmed his death.

Hours before his death, he shared a story on his Instagram, captioning sketchy and snowy drive. 

In a podcast, he said he loves being in the mountains during weekends in winter. 

He has also shared videos of him snowmobiling in the mountains. The local sheriff's office shared that he had been riding up there with others shortly before his death. 

But at the time of the crash, there was no one. They added that he was on a steep slope, and his snowmobile turned upside down. Unfortunately, his snowmobile landed on top of him, and he was declared dead on the scene. 

Ken Talked About How Snowboarding Enamored Him

Ken said that his father was a baseball fan, and he had been to hundreds of Dodgers games. 

But he was never into team sports things. He was interested in skateboarding and riding a dirt bike. 

He said he was appealed by the creativity the snowboarding has, so he got into snowboarding. 

He mentioned that sports were connected to arts and music, which fascinated him. 

He further added that he was impressed with the small details that the sports industry had, from sunglasses to technology and designs. 

How Did Ken Come Up With His Apparel And Shoe Brand?

Ken was always interested in graphics art and design. He used to create things on sweatshirts using paint pens in high school. 

He started the business with his high school friend Damon who was also in graphics class at his high school. 

Both of them had an interest in graphic arts and design. So they came up with the idea to start a clothing brand for auto enthusiasts. 

He said in the beginning; they didn’t know anything about trademark laws as they had just started the business focusing on what skateboarders would like. 

After that, they put their hands on show business and grabbed the opportunity to make better skateboard shoes.

His business skyrocketed, DC Shoes became a worldwide famous brand, and they made $150 million in sales over time.

He added he put all his hard work into making his business successful. 

Ken Shared His Experience About Driving Race Car For The First Time

Ken always dreamt of driving a race car, and when he got an opportunity, he was hooked. 

He said it was an incredible experience, and after that, he desired to drive a race car again and again. 

He makes notes before driving it and calculates every speed. 

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