Who Is Luella Peterson? Mother Of Tory Lanez

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Who Is Luella Peterson? Mother Of Tory Lanez

Luella Peterson is the late mother of Tory Lanez, a Canadian rapper. She died when he was 11 years old. 

Death Of Luella

Luella was a mother to six children. Her youngest child is Tory. She passed away because of a rare disease linked to her anemia. 

After her death, her children's childhood became a nightmare. 

Tory struggled with school and got kicked out of many schools. 

He was even expelled from school. He said that tough things happened in his life, which led him to behave that way. 

After Luella passed away, her husband, Sonstar Peterson, remarried. 

Tory's and his siblings had no excellent terms with their stepmother. So one by one, his brothers and sisters left home.

Eventually, Tory was the only one living there.

His toxic relationship with his stepmom led him to move around a lot, and he eventually became homeless. 

During his tough time, he turned to music as an outlet for his feelings. 

Music helped him express his emotions and frustration, and he even made a song dedicated to his mom called “Thank You, Mama.”

Even though Tory faced difficulties, he held onto his faith in God. 

He has tattoos of angels and music. He remembers his mother a lot. 

He posts tributes on special days like her birthday, and the day she passed away. 

He believes she watches over him from heaven. Tory is a parent himself and has a son named Kailon Peterson.

Luella Peterson's father and son.
Luella Peterson's father and son. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Her son Tory is 31 years old and has a net worth of $5 Million.

Tory Sentenced For Shooting Megan Thee Stallion 

Tory was found guilty of shooting famous hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion on her foot at a Los Angeles party in July 2020.

He was jailed for ten years for his deeds. 

Tory shot Megan after a party at Kylie Jenner’s home. He was convicted of serious charges, including assault and discharging a firearm negligently. 

In court, he apologized, took responsibility for his actions, and expressed his desire to become a better person. 

Even though Tory’s legal team plans to appeal the conviction and sentence, the judge said that reasonable people could sometimes do bad things, and both Tory and Megan suffered.

Megan’s lawyer mentioned that Lanez shot her and harassed her for over two years after the incident.

Luella Peterson's son Tory Lanez.
Luella Peterson's son Tory Lanez. Source: Instagram

Tory Addiction Ended Him In Jail

Tory might be sent back to Canada, but his deportation isn’t decided yet, according to his lawyer. 

During his trial, Tory's lawyers argued that he should get probation and be sent to a substance abuse program instead of jail. 

They said he struggled with alcohol, anxiety, and trauma from his childhood after his mother, Luella's death. 

The prosecutor disagreed and said it was his ego, not mental issues. 

Tory’s defense said his trauma and drinking played a role in that incident. The judge didn’t seem convinced by these arguments. 

Tory’s lawyers showed videos of his charity work and family, but prosecutors said that didn’t change what he did. 

Megan testified that Tory asked her to dance with him, shouted, and then shot at her feet when she walked away. 

She lied to the police first because she was scared and worried that revealing a gun in the car might lead to violence from the police. 

Megan still suffered from the shooting, with nerve damage and pain in her feet. 

She told the court that Tory offered her $1 Million to keep quiet about it. 

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