Who Is Sonstar Peterson? Father Of Tory Lanez

by Manisha Wed Aug 09 2023 Updated On Thu Aug 10 2023
Who Is Sonstar Peterson? Father Of Tory Lanez

Sonstar Peterson is the father of rapper Tory Lanez. He was married to Luella Peterson.

He lost his first wife as she passed away due to a rare disease. He married a Kenya-based woman in 2011.

He is the President and CEO at W4S Corp. He is also an ordained minister and a missionary. 

Sonstar Peterson with his wife.
Sonstar Peterson with his wife. Source: Facebook

Sonstar's Son Found Guilty Of Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Sonstar's son was accused of shooting hip hop star Megan Thee Stallion at a party in 2020 in Los Angeles.

It was a high-profile case. He was charged with carrying an unregistered firearm in a vehicle, discharging a firearm with carelessness, and assault with a semi-automatic handgun. 

The jury found him guilty, but he claimed he was not guilty in court. 

Megan testified that he fired a gun towards her feet, but she lied about that wound to the police because she was scared of the situation. 

She also alleged that he offered her 1 million dollars to keep silent. In his hearing, Tory admitted that he was guilty of the incident in 2020.

He added that he would have changed that night if he could change it. 

He took full responsibility for the shooting and said he wanted to be a better person. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Sonstar Peterson with his son, Tory Lanez.
Sonstar Peterson with his son, Tory Lanez. Source: YouTube

Tory Talked About His Son

Tory has a son, and the mother of his son is not revealed yet. He welcomed his son in 2017 and shared the news through his Instagram.

He said he went to jail the same day his son was born. He said he went to the hospital to see his son and went at the parking lot where cops were waiting for to arrest him. 

He shared he would never forget that day because it was unique to him, and he got locked up the same day. 


His son Tory is 31 years old.

Net Worth

His son Tory's net worth is estimated to be $4 million. 

Tory Is A Workaholic

Tory said that he loved making music for his fans. 

He shared that he is always charged if he gets an opportunity to create something musically. 

He said he is never lazy when it comes to his work. He added it is his dream, and he is living his dream and getting paid for it.

Tory Talked About Giving Interviews

Tory said that there are many people who can’t talk properly in interviews, and they find it hard to have a normal conversation because of the camera in front of them. 

He agreed that it is tough to talk in interviews. He said he knows how much information he should share in discussions. 

He added as an artist; they should talk about their albums and things that are going on in their life as it is part of their job. 

He said people are less honest in interviews, and he is always honest about himself while talking to others. 

He said he gets annoyed when people repeatedly ask him how he got into the music industry. 

Tory Has Worked With Axe

Tory was always a fan of Axe. Tory and Axe worked for a record together. 

He said he wanted to do the whole album with him, but he could not do it because of problems like timing, business deals, etc. 

He announced that he would release a track with him, but that didn’t happen too. 

He said he had never met him, but he sent him a song, and they worked together.

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