Manzie Tio Allen

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Manzie Tio Allen

Manzie Tio Allen is the daughter of director Woody Allen and Soon- Yi Previn.

Manzie Tio Allen with her father Woody Allen.
Manzie Tio Allen with her father Woody Allen. Source: Instagram

About Father, Woody Allen 

He was born on December 1, 1935, at Mount Eden Hospital, New York City.

His mother, Nettie, was a bookkeeper at her family's delicatessen, and Martin Konigsberg, his father, was a  jewelry engraver and a waiter.

His first wife was Harlene Rosen, who married in 1956 when he was 20 years old. It ended in divorce after three years of marriage in 1959, and things got messy when he made fun of her in public as a joke.

He paid $75 a week in alimony which could have risen up to $175 if he earned more. He even got sued by Rosen for defamation when he referred to her as "The Dread Mrs. Allen" in his standup act. 

He then got married to Louise Lasser in 1966. She is an American actress, and they worked together in many of Allen's films. 

They got divorced in 1970. Louise said he was very possessive, and things did not work out. 

He then dated Diane Keaton. He met her in the audition for the 1969 Broadway production of Play It Again, Sam.  

They dated for five years, and they ended their relationship in 1974. Their relationship was affected when Diane had intense bulimia and would not meet Woody and cancel their dates. 

They continued to work with each other after their separation too.

He then dated Mia Farrow in 1980 and worked together in many movies. They adopted Dylan and Moses and also had one biological child together, Ronan

About mother Soon Yi 

Mia Farrow and Andre Previn adopted Soon Yi. Her presumptive birthday was on October 8, 1970. She was born in Seoul, South Korea.

Accused of molesting own daughter

Manzie’s father, Woody, gave an interview to the talk show “60 Minutes,” where he talked about the allegation made to him, and he disagreed. 

Woody is a famous writer and director. He is the father of three daughters. He has one biological daughter, and two of them were adopted. His wife adopted two girls with her ex-husband. 

Woody was charged with molesting his daughter when she was seven years old. But he denied it saying that he didn’t do anything and all the charges against him were fake. 

He opened up that he loved his daughters very much and he would never think of doing those things. Woody was blamed for touching the private parts of his 7 years old daughter, which was too heavy on him. 

So to defend himself, he said that he had spent much private and alone time with his daughter, and if he wanted to do something inappropriate, then he had a full opportunity with him to do so, but as a father, he loved his daughters and never thought of doing those things. 

Woody then accepted his love affair with his elder daughter, who was adopted, and because of that, his wife Mia was really unhappy, and she even threatened Woody many times. 

Woody opened up the charges made against him were all planned by his wife, and she manipulated that 7-year-old kid to speak up about those nasty things about her father. 

As Woody got into a relationship with his daughter, who was 21 years old, his wife thought he had taken her daughter away from her, so she wanted to get revenge on him. 

He was also accused as a child molester back in time, he took naked photos of a girl who was just a teen, and because of that, he got the tag of a child molester.

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Married to mother's ex-partner 

Manzie Tio Allen father Woody Allen with his wife.
Manzie Tio Allen father Woody Allen with his wife. Source:

They first met when Soon got hurt in soccer, and Woody offered to transport her to school. 

During her final year of high school, she told him that she wanted to be a model, and he helped her dress and arranged professional photographs. 

That was the time when they got closer. In  January 1992, her mother discovered nude pictures of her in Woody's home, and their romantic relationship between them was revealed. 

On  August 17, 1992, he issued a statement saying he is in love with her. 

Some people took this relationship disgustingly, but the couple never felt a father-daughter connection, and they rarely talked before being romantically involved. 

They got married on December 23, 1997.

Father accused of molestation 

Woody was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter Dylan when she was seven

The abuse was alleged after eight months Previn and Allen's relationship was revealed. He denied the allegation and sued Farrow for the custody of Dylan, which he lost. 

After 14 months of investigation, the case was finally closed, and he was found not guilty due to less evidence.

He was also accused that Dylan had witnessed a sexual relationship between him and Previn in the summer of 1991

He denied saying their relationship had not begun until December. He accused Farrow of using her daughters to get what she wants. 

Soon Yi claims Mia to be abusive 

She is accused of abusing two of her adopted children Moses and Previn

Previn said she brainwashed Dylan into thinking she was assaulted.  She also said her mother was never nice to her and made her life miserable. 

Moses also supported Allen and told his mother to keep trying to convince Dylan that she was abused. He also said their mother treated her biological children better. 

He said his sister Tam led Allen's up to suicide because their mother refused to help her. The heart failure was just a cover-up story.

A great musician 

Woody Allen gave an interview to Cinedigm in 2012. There he talked about his crush, his favorite movies, and his wishes. 

When he was an adult man, he used to have beautiful celebrity crushes, namely Rita Hayworth and Vivien Leigh

He was a fan of those actresses. As he was getting old and had many harmful health conditions, he revealed that he had to leave molten.

Moreover, he also revealed the most annoying thing about himself in the interview, and he said it was his constantly whining habit. 

He cheated, stole items, and even made fire as a kid. But he said that he would be furious if his kids did it. 

In one of his movies, Woody is seen with a full beard. But it was a fake beard. 

In reality, he never has had a full beard on his face. When asked about whom he wanted to go on dinner with, he took the name of a musician Sidney Bechet.

He is interested in music, according to what he told the interviewer. If he was not an actor, he said he would become a musician. 

He loves to be a piano artist. When asked about his favorite movies to defend liking, he took the name of Casanova's Big Night, and he doesn't like the film Some Like It Hot

Also, he revealed that he doesn't want to do or see any kind of movie and is not interested in the film industry anymore. 

Even though he has been from a movie background, he revealed that he had no great love for movies at his then stage.

Moreover, when he was given to choose between making his favorite movies and two years of extra life, he chose life. 

His love for the film was not strictly at the interview, and he was now just doing what he wanted to. 

He also revealed his fear of animals like cats and dogs. And like in his one of the most, he also panics when he is stuck in the lift.

Woody is out of Social Media 

Woody Allen gave an interview with Alec Baldwin virtually. They were about life, and Woody talked about his book, social media, and many more. 

Woody started the interview by talking about him keeping his distance from social media. 

In the 21st century, most people have internet and social media access. 

Mainly when it comes to actors and actresses, social media has become a must for them. 

But in the case of Woody, it’s different. Woody said that he doesn’t have an Instagram account, but he does have a Facebook page. 

Although he has a Facebook page, he never looked up to it. He has hired someone to look after his page. 

He doesn’t know what Facebook is and what its purpose is. He doesn’t have any idea about it.

On the other hand, in the interview, Alec complained about the people spending most of their time on social media and asked about Woody’s thoughts. 

Woody replied, saying that he wouldn’t know anything about social media matters and its issues because he had no idea to speak on that matter. 

He has never been on social media in his whole life, and he is not even interested in it, so he has nothing to say on that matter. 

Sometimes back, a person copyrighted Woody’s name, but Woody had a healthier attitude, and he responded that he didn’t care about that matter because that person was not him. 

If that person did something illegal, he would be caught, and Woody was sure about that. 

Woody then talked about his new book “Zero Gravity.”

He wrote that book during the pandemic to utilize his free time. 

He noted that the book was for fun and people could enjoy reading it, but sadly most people commented that they had to search for the words as they didn’t have their meaning. 

He has been writing for many years and became a comedy writer because he has a good sense of humor and can easily make people laugh.

Net worth and income sources 

Her information is unknown, but her father's net worth is $140 million, and his income sources are film direction and acting.

Net worth $140 million
Income sourcesDirecting, acting 

Age, height, and weight 

  1. She was born in February 2000, making her 21 years old.
  2. Her weight and height are unknown.

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