Harlene Rosen

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Harlene Rosen

Harlene Rosen is the first wife of director Woody Allen.

She was born to father Julius Rosen and mother Judith Rosen in New York.

About her ex-husband 

Woody Allen  American film director, writer, actor, and comedian. He was born on  December 1, 1935.

He was born at Mount Eden Hospital, New York City. His mother, Nettie, was a bookkeeper at her family's delicatessen, and his father is Martin Konigsberg, a  jewelry engraver and a waiter. 

He legally changed his name to Heywood Allen at the age of 17, and after that, he started calling himself Woody.

The marriage ended in a bad divorce 

She tied the knot with Allen at a very young age when she was just 17 in 1956. He was 20 years old. 

It ended in separation after three years old marriage in 1959

He mocked and made fun of her in public, referring to her as a "generic wife"

They got divorced in 1963, he agreed to pay $75 a week in alimony. 

If he had a steady job, the pay could have risen to $175.

Harlene Rosen with her ex husband Woody Allen.
Harlene Rosen with her ex husband Woody Allen. Source: Pinterest

Sues ex-husband for defamation

Shortly after their divorce, she sued him for mocking her by referring to her as  "the Dread Mrs. Allen" in one of his stand-up acts. 

In his album Stand-up Comic, he explains that his ex-wife had sued him for a  joke. 

It also reported that he had been sued for $1 million for sexual assault. 

A heartfelt message to him on his 80th birthday 

She broke her silence of nearly five decades when she writes about their journey as a couple in Woody's biography. 

She said he has always inspired her with his charismatic and creative personality. 

She began to talk about their young love and making music together. 

The situation got hard after marriage when he started to establish his career.

Allen married twice after his first divorce 

In 1966 he married Louise Lasser, an American actress. During the time of them being together, she appeared in his film quite often. 

They got separated in 1970. She said in an interview he was very possessive, and they did not string together any longer. 

After this, he married Soon-Yi Previn on December 23, 1997.

Woody and Previn became a national news 

Harlene Rosen ex husband Woody Allen with his wife Soon-Yi Previn.
Harlene Rosen ex husband Woody Allen with his wife Soon-Yi Previn. Source: people.com

Previn is the adopted daughter of Allen's ex-girlfriend, Mia Farrow, whom he met in 1979 and began a relationship in 1980

They have worked together in 13 of his movies.

Farrow and her ex-husband had adopted Soon Yi from Korea in 1977. She was an abandoned child.

In 1992, Farrow found nude photographs of her daughter in Woody's home. 

This was when the bizarre relationship was revealed. 

He claims that he was never a father or a stepfather to her, and they rarely spoke to each other before starting their romantic relationship. 

On  August  17, 1992, he issued a statement saying he is in love with her, and they got married on December 23, 1997

The couple has two children, Manzie Tio Allen and Bechet Dumaine Allen, both daughters. 

The family now lives in Carnegie Hill, Manhattan.

Allegation for  sexual abuse 

He was accused of sexually abusing Dylan, Farrow's daughter. 

On August 4, 1992, he visited the children at her ex-partners' home, and the babysitter claimed she saw him lying on Dylan's lap, and Dylan too said he touched her private parts. 

Woody strongly denied this allegation and said he was just framed. 

After a six-month investigation, it was concluded that Dylan was not sexually abused. 

In October 1993, the case was closed after a 14-month long investigation, which proved him innocent because of less evidence.

Net worth and income sources 

Her information about net worth is unavailable.

Meanwhile, her ex-husbands net worth is $140 million, and his income source is film directing.

Net worth $140 million
Income Sourcefilm directing 

Age, height, and weight 

  1. She was born in 1939, making her 82 years old.
  2. Her other information is unknown.

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