Who Is Margie Washichek? Ex-Wife Of Jimmy Buffett

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Who Is Margie Washichek? Ex-Wife Of Jimmy Buffett

Margie Washichek is the ex-wife of the late American singer, songwriter, musician, author, and businessman Jimmy Buffett.

Margie herself was a secretary at the publishing company. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Margie Washichek's ex-husband Jimmy Buffett.
Margie Washichek's ex-husband Jimmy Buffett. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Margie 

Margie got married to Jimmy back in 1969. They met at a college party, and shortly after, they started dating.

Their marriage didn’t last long, as they divorced in 1972. 

Margie Washichek's ex-husband Jimmy Buffett.
Margie Washichek with her ex-husband Jimmy Buffett. Source: Pinterest

Margie’s Ex Remarried

After Margie and Jimmy's marriage ended, he briefly moved on in his life with Jane Slagsvol.

Jimmy met Jane at Key West, Florida. Jimmy had recently moved in there, and Jane was there during college summer break. They married in the year 1977.

They shared three children: two daughters, Savannah and Sarah, and an adopted son, Cameron. 

Jane and Jimmy separated for five years after their marriage, but they reunited and worked their way out. 

They were together till Jimmy’s death in 2023 parted them away. 

Jimmy Buffett with his wife.
Jimmy Buffett with his wife. Source: Pinterest

About Ex-Husband Jimmy 

Jimmy was a professional singer, songwriter, musician, author, and businessman. 

He was well known for his song Margaritaville. He was born to his parents, Mary Lorraine and Jimmy Delaney Buffett Jr., in 1946.

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-Jimmy was 76 years old at the time of his death. 

He had a net worth of $1 billion. His source of income was singing, writing, and business.

Jimmy's Music Affected By His Children

Jimmy was father to three children: two daughters and an adoptive son. 

Jimmy was a great singer, and audiences of any age loved his songs. 

And the increase in the younger generation's interest in his music was all because of his children. 

He said that his songwriting started getting affected after he got into the fatherhood. 

He cooked breakfast for his children for 16 years and watched Sesame Street, and because of that, his songwriting had been affected. 

Because of that, his songs started becoming famous among young children, too, and the number of children attending his concerts increased. 

His songs have influenced many children, including his daughters and son. 

Jimmy Was Shot

Back in 1996, Jimmy nearly got shot in Jamaica. He went to Jamaica with Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, Bono, and his family by plane. 

After they landed in Negril, Jamaica, they got surrounded by the Jamaican cops, and they started firing. 

The Jamaican government thought that they had tons of weed, and because of that, their plane got shot. 

In the interview with Andy Cohen, Jimmy said that ducking was the only thought going on his head while the plane was getting shot. 

After joining the Rock and Roll, he learned two things: not to forget to duck, and he could die any moment. 

So that day, the ducking became very useful to him and others with him on the plane. 

Jimmy Lived In A Boat

Jimmy shared his experience of living in a boat in an interview. He said he lived on a ship for years, which was an excellent experience. 

He enjoyed living in it and even sailed the boat sometimes. But there was something that he didn’t like living on the ship. 

He used to go on tours with his band to fascinating places, and after returning from those tours, he preferred living in a peaceful environment, but it was hard to achieve while living on a boat. 

One of his best friends was the boat captain, so he had his crew and captain on the boat, and because of that, he couldn’t get the quiet time he wanted for himself. 

Death of Jimmy 

Jimmy was known for his legendary songs. He spent his whole life singing and creating music. 

Sadly, the singer is no more as he passed away on 1st September 2023 at 76.

His death news was posted on the internet by his official website. 

His death news has devastating to his friends, family, and fans. However, the actual reason behind his death hasn't been revealed. 

It is said that a few months back, he was hospitalized because of some health concerns. 

He even had to cancel his concert because of his health emergencies. 

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