Marija Tadic – Meet Mother Of Dusan Tadic

by sabina Tue Apr 02 2024 Updated On Sun Apr 14 2024
Marija Tadic – Meet Mother Of Dusan Tadic

Marija Tadic is famous as a celebrity mother. 

She is the mother of Serbian footballer Dusan Tadic, who is currently playing for Superlig club Fenerbahce and is the captain of the Serbia national team.

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Marija Tadic son Dusan Tadic
Marija Tadic son Dusan Tadic. Source: Instagram

She is married to her husband 

Marija is married to her husband, Petar Tadic. The couple resides in Serbia and visits their son from time to time. 

While recalling his old days growing up in Serbia, Dusan said that he was always out playing with the ball when he was young, and his mom would always call him to eat, but he was always out. 

She always watched for where he was, but he was always out with the ball.

Dusan also said that his love for the game came from his father, who watched every single game he played while growing up and still does now.


Her son, Dusan Tadic, is 35 years old.

Net worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. Her son Dusan has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Her husband had to have diazepam after seeing their son drenched in blood

Back in 2016, when Southampton was competing against Wales for the World Cup Group D qualifier, Dusan was drenched in blood after then-Wales player Neil Taylor caused him to flush on the nose while fighting over the bouncing ball. 

During an interview with a Serbian newspaper, Blic, Dusan's father, Petar, revealed that the incident led Marija to have diazepam. 

"It is hard to watch your child lying in the pool of blood, Marija was crying around the house, and I could not calm down, eventually I had to have a Diazepam", he said.

Her husband was mad about their son choosing Southampton over Manchester United 

Her husband was not happy with their son when he chose to sign Southampton over Manchester United in 2014

In an interview, he claimed Manchester was interested in signing Dusan.

He wanted him to go to Manchester United to Louis van Gaal, but Dusan wanted to go to Ronald Koeman

Dusan was Koeman's first signing on the 8th of July, 2014.

Petar also revealed he was mad at his son. 

"Manchester United have always been the top club. I was a fan of Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes. They have always had top players. Even now, things are going less well, but I still love Manchester United. That's why I was really mad at him", he said at the time.

The reason Dusan was attracted to Southampton was the chance to play with Koeman, who tried to sign him when he was Feyenoord's manager. 

"Dutch coaches have an attacking philosophy. They want to dominate the game, and they want to beat every opponent with their play and the result", Dusan told the Guardian in 2015.

Who is her son currently married to?

Her son is currently married to his wife, Dragana Vukanac. They have been married since 2013. They dated for years before tying the knot. 

According to the sources, Dusan and Dragana started dating while Dusan was playing for Vojvodina

The couple is blessed with three beautiful kids, two sons, Vasily and Velijko, and a daughter, Tara

Marija Tadic son Dusan Tadic and daughter-in-law Dragana Vukanac
Marija Tadic son Dusan Tadic and daughter-in-law Dragana Vukanac. Source: Facebook
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