Who Is Mark Henwick? Father Of Jessica Henwick

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Who Is Mark Henwick? Father Of Jessica Henwick

Mark Henwick is a novelist and a skilled writer. He is mostly known as the father of Jessica Henwick.  

His daughter was featured in the Game of Thrones and Star Wars. He is married to Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan

His wife is Singaporean Chinese by origin. He lives in South England. 

He was born in Africa. Apart from Jessica, he has two sons.

Mark Henwick's wife Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan and sons
Mark Henwick's wife Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan and sons Source: Instagram

Dating History Of Jessica

She was in a relationship with Johnny Yang. They met each other on the set of Iron Fist

They started seeing each other then. They used to post each other photos on their Instagram

Yang was a stunt performer and a martial artist. But the couple broke up after dating for a few years. 

The reason behind their split is still unknown. There was a rumor of her dating co-star, Finn Jones. 

Finn and Jessica had been seen together in two series. 

There was news everywhere that the couple had a romantic relationship with one another as they expressed their love through their social media. 

However, she never made the official announcement of their romance.

Mark Henwick's daughter Jessica Henwick
Mark Henwick's daughter, Jessica Henwick Source: Instagram

Is She Dating Someone In 2022?

After her breakup with Johnny Yang, she is not seeing anyone. 


Jessica is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career. 

According to various sources, she has an income of $800 thousand per year and charges $500k for brand endorsement and collaboration.

Dance helped Jessica learn fights? 

Jessica gave an interview to Marvel Entertainment, where she talked about how she trained herself and learned so many fighting skills in her new series. Jessica has been seen playing the role of Collen Wing in series Iron Fist. She is seen performing different skills of martial arts and using different weapons. According to Jessica, her dancing skills helped her easily choreograph all those skills and using weapons. Jessica has used whip, Katana and bow stick as a part of her fighting skills in series. She opened up that she didn’t have the years of experience in martial arts but as she has been dancing since her child hood days so she can easily choreograph those skills. She is not good with martial arts but because of her dancing habit she can easily pick things up in less time. Jessica revealed about the dance that she learned in her school days. Her school made her learn ballet dance at first and eventually she learned tap dance, disco dance in her school. She had a very mean dance teacher who made her memorize her whole dance steps and she stills remembers those steps till this date. She is bad at remembering things and doesn’t even remember peoples that she worked with eight years ago but she remembers the dance steps that she learned when she was 9 years old and it’s all because of her teacher. Dance actually helped her in her fighting skills. 

Jessica Chose Matrix Over Shang-Chi

Jessica had a red pill and blue pill moment. They asked her to fly to LA for her screen test. 

The agency was aware of her other offers, so they told her to fly to LA only when she agreed to audition for them. 

She had no confirmation about either of the roles. 

She was in a dilemma. If she chose the wrong one, then she would lose both offers. 

She had already worked with Marvel and had a great relationship with them, and she would love to work with them in the future. 

So she decided to go for Matrix and joined the franchise. 

Jessica Described Her Experience In Matrix

Jessica had fun as well as a hard time shooting for the film. They shot for eleven months. 

It was meant to be for four months, but due to the pandemic, their shooting was postponed, and they went to their home. 

They had to stop halfway, and Lana said to her that it might be the end and it would be the unfinished movie that no one would get a chance to see. 

She had just shaved her head for that movie, so she was not interested in all her saying. 

But they passed that phase, and it was hard for them. 

After shooting for almost a year, the film was completed, and she was very happy with the result of the cast and crew.

Jessica Was A Huge Fan Of Christina Aguilera

When Christiania Aguilera's music video for Dirty came out, she watched her video for hours. 

The music video was on repeat on MTV, and she used to sit in front of the TV and watch non-stop until someone from her family came to her and asked her to turn it off. 

She had never seen anything like that before, and she used to stare at her all time.

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