Who Is Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan? Mother Of Jessica Henwick

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Who Is Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan? Mother Of Jessica Henwick

Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan is the mother of British actress and writer Jessica Henwick. 

Her husband's name is Mark Henwick, an author. Shan is a former local businesswoman. 

She has three children with Mark. She is Singaporean-Chinese by her nationality.  

Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan with her children
Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan with her children Source: Instagram

Jessica's Relationship Status 

Jessica was previously in a relationship with Johnny Yang, a martial artist, and Stuntman. 

She started dating him back in 2016. 

They met each other on the set of Iron Fist and were open about their relationship. 

She was mostly seen in Johnny's posts. However, their relationship didn't last long, as the couple broke up after being together for a few years.  

Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan's Jessica Henwick
Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan's Jessica Henwick Source: Instagram


Jessica is 29 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jessica is $5 Million. Her source of income is acting and writing

Jessica Does Her Own Stunts 

In an interview, Jessica talked about doing a show where she performed her stunts. 

She said that her shooting hour was 12 hours a day, but while shooting at the night, it took a long time, and she shot for two days in a row. 

She said that she did most of the stunts on her own, and the stunts she was unable to do were done by her double. 

When she received the call for the role, she immediately agreed to play the role without knowing anything about her character. 

She had to do a lot of stunts on her own, and she said that she injured herself doing those stunts. 

She got a sprain on her wrist and injured her leg, but she had to continue her shooting. 

She didn't tell anyone about her injury as if they knew they wouldn't let her do her fight parts. 

So she hid her injury from everyone and continued her shooting 

Jessica Is Jackie Chan's Fan 

Jessica gave an interview to Yahoo Australia where she talked about her being a fan of Jackie Chan's. 

Her co-actor was also there in that interview, and there she talked about preparing herself for an action movie. 

Her co-star said that Jessica is so natural, and he loved seeing her in a movie. 

He said he loved the scene where she showed her sidekick in a fight by lifting her skirt. 

She did that scene very well, and Jessica opened up, saying that she is a big fan of Jackie Chan, and as Jackie always used his costume as a part of his fight, she tried to use his idea, and that scene went great. 

Jessica Had To Left Games Of Thrones

Jessica has earned huge fame from her role in Games of Thrones as Nymerica Sand.

It was known that while she was working on Games of Thrones, she also got the chance to play a role in Iron Fist

Her role in that movie almost led her to leave Games Of Thrones.

Her character in Game of Thrones as Nymeria was one of the most needed characters in that show, and if she had quit the show, the whole show would get unbalanced. 

She was so busy shooting Iron Fist that it became hard to manage time for Games of Thrones, and as she was lacking time management, she thought of quitting Games of Thrones.

Efforts On A Series 

Jessica had shown her appearance in her new series Iron Fist

She opened up that she was excited about the series, and while she was giving this interview, she said she gave her all the effort in her new show. 

Jessica said that not only effort and time, but she had her whole body involved in that series. 

Her acting in that series was very intense, and she said that she had put on a lot of hard work and dedication into that new project of hers. 

She gave her whole year to shooting that series, and it was the longest show. 

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