Mark McCurdy - Shocking Truth About Jennette McCurdy Father

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Mark McCurdy is the father of famous American producer, director, former actress, writer, and singer Jennette McCurdy.

Mark McCurdy daughter Jennette McCurdy
Mark McCurdy daughter Jennette McCurdy Source: Instagram

Mark McCurdy was born on 1957 December 26. At present, he is living in a place called New Jersey.

Family & Children

Mark McCurdy's full name is Marcus E. McCurdy. He is married to Debra McCurdy

The couple is blessed with four children named Jennette McCurdy, Dustin McCurdy, Marcus McCurdy, and Scott McCurdy

Jennette is the youngest and only daughter of Mark and Debra.

Mark McCurdy's children Jennette McCurdy, Dustin McCurdy, Marcus McCurdy, and Scott McCurdy
Mark McCurdy's children Jennette McCurdy, Dustin McCurdy, Marcus McCurdy, and Scott McCurdy  Source: Instagram

Wife diagnosed with breast cancer

When Mark's daughter was just three years old, his wife was identified with breast cancer. His wife, Debra went through several surgeries. 

They had done chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant for his wife. 

It was a very hard time during that whole time for his family. After fighting for 17 years, his wife left them and this earth on September 20, 2013

His daughter wrote an article describing her mother and her situation during those critical situations.

Mark McCurdy wife Debra McCurdy
Mark McCurdy wife Debra McCurdy Source: Instgaram

About his daughter, Jennette McCurdy

Jennette is the only daughter of her parents, born in the year 1992, June 26. She is a producer, writer, director & actor. 

She was born in Los Angeles and later moved to California for her further future. She was a part of Mormons but later left it because she didn't like it. 

She is popular for her role in iCarly and the series Sam & Cat.

When she was eight years old, her career as an actor began. From the year 2009, her career as a singer began. 

Her first song was 'So Close.' She has played in different movies, commercials, ads, and music videos. 

From the year 2018, she began directing shows and films and started to create various shows. 

She started her project through the internet called What's Next for Sarah? This show's role in Sarah's life was much more related to her life of her. She was involved in the scripting and directing of that show.

Jennette never loved her acting

It was mentioned that Jennette, the only daughter in her family, was never happy with her acting. 

She started doing it to support her family. She had said that she regrets acting in the shows and is never proud of her project.

She also deactivated all her social accounts for refreshment and later started her new journey by learning from her pasts. 

She has mentioned that she is not returning to her acting. Instead, she will be focusing on writing and directing.

Mark's daughter had an eating disorder

Jennette revealed in one article that she had been a victim of an eating disorder. 

From the age of 11, she has been a victim of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that makes a victim lose weight in different ways. 

She is also a huge alcoholic. Before the demise of her mother, she started drinking, and eventually, it became her habit. 

In one podcast, she also said that when she was a little kid, she had OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder)

She has suffered a lot from her childhood to adulthood, and it was never easy for her. At present, she is trying to figure out and is learning from her past.

She has a subscriber of around 486000 on her YouTube Channel.

Jennette's Mom Controlled Her

Jennette talked about her mother in the interview with ABC News. She wrote a memoir titled “I’m Glad My Mom Died” and shared her life experience and how her mom abused her.

Jenette started her acting career when she was just six years old, and she mentioned in the memoir that she didn’t want to be in the acting line. 

Her mom was the one who got her into acting. Growing up, she became one of the noted child actresses, but Jennette hated the stardom. 

She revealed that her family struggled financially, and her acting career paid her bills. 

Her mom chose that career for her, and as she started getting older, her mom kept her on a calorie-deficit diet. 

Because of the lower calorie intake, she developed an eating disorder. Her mom wanted Jennette to live her life under her life, and as Jennette was being successful, her mom tried to keep her looking childish. 

Jennette's mom wanted to have her influence on Jennette. Jennette looked happy, lucky, and a bubbly girl outside, but she had pain, struggles, and rage inside her. 

She was living a life that she never wanted to. She felt suffocated in her own house, and her mom inappropriately touched her, which made her feel that she had no control over herself. 

Her mom controlled her life, and even after her death, she felt she was nothing with her. 

After Jennette’s mom passed away, she felt she couldn’t work and had no identity without her mom. It took her a long time to come over the things that she suffered when she lived under her mom’s shadow. 

She went through therapy and later quit the acting job. 

Net worth

Mark's information about his occupation is unknown, so his earnings are also not unavailable. 

But his daughter Jennette is an American producer, actor, writer, and singer. Her net worth is $5 million.

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Mark is 63 years old.
  2. His height and weight are unknown.

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