Who Is Martin Hongla Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Martin Hongla Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Martin Hongla is a Cameroonian professional footballer. He currently plays for the Italian club Hellas Verona in the position of a defensive midfielder. 

He was born in the year 1998 and had his birthday on March 16.

Relationship Status

Martin is married to his girlfriend. He has not revealed his wife's name yet but he was captured with her after a match. 

He went to the stadium where his wife was and hugged and kissed her.

Martin Hongla with his wife after the match
Martin Hongla with his wife after the match. Source: Facebook

Martin made headlines after his heated argument with a fan on Snapchat. 

He was answering questions on Snapchat, and a user asked him if he was married to a Bangante, people from the western region. 

He replied by saying he comes from a place where they don't get married to a Bamileke. 

Fans were offended by his response, and one commented on Facebook saying he could have just said that his wife is Bassa, a person from the Littoral region, rather than going extreme to denigrate Bamileke as if there are no women there. 

However, Martin didn't regret anything he said as, according to him, he did no harm in what he said.

Age And Net Worth 

Martin is 24 years old. The net worth of Martin is estimated to be $1 to $5 Million

Martin Hongla during the match.
Martin Hongla during the match. Source: Instagram

Martin Is A Calm Player

Martin arrived at the Royal Antwerp FC in 2019. He was at the club for his personal as well as for the development of the club. 

In the interview, Martin revealed that he always wanted to play for a Belgian club and grow there. 

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So transferring to that club was a great step for Martin

Martin also opened up in the same interview that he was the player that believes in playing in position. 

He expressed himself as a calm type of player who is more focused on the game and on completing the team's objective and the objectives he has carried on along the way. 

Staying at Royal Antwerp, he believes he can do quite a lot for himself and the team.

Martin Got A Strong Team

Martin was loaned to Hellas Verona by Royal Antwerp in 2021.

After reaching the club, Martin gave an interview at a press conference where he revealed how great he felt to be in Hellas Verona FC

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After meeting with his teammates and staff, he found the team was strong. He saw how much of the quality the club holds.

He was ready to move to Hellas Verona FC earlier, but due to some negotiations between the clubs, he could not come to the club. 

But he felt fortunate to be part of the team finally. He wanted to give all of his strength and skills to the club for his and the team's betterment. 

He wanted to show the fans he could stay in the club permanently.

Martin Looks Up To Himself Only 

Martin was asked in the interview about his inspiration and role model whom he has looked up to learn from and improve his plays. 

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Martin revealed that he doesn’t have any specific role models he looks up to and wants to be like. 

Instead, he is the kind of player who learns from himself. He believes he has a player within himself and works to get the best out of himself. 

He knows his weakness and strength. So he works on himself on his judgment. 

He also expressed that his favorite player is himself. He tries what’s good for him and his games. 

The Team Has To Have Patience

Martin expressed in an interview that there needs to be great patience for a team, especially the national team

According to Martin, hard work is in the hand of the team, but the win is not in anyone’s hands. 

He said that players give their best in every match, but the result is something that someone cannot predict. 

Even in the room, if everyone is patient and agrees to go by the coach's plan, the team can do much better. 

And for the win, if the team has worked hard enough and deserves to win, the win will automatically follow them.

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