Who Is Vincent Aboubakar's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Vincent Aboubakar's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Vincent Aboubakar is a professional Cameroonian football player. He currently plays for the team Al Nassr in the position of striker. 

He is son of Maobeal Alice and Edouard Aboubakar. His birthplace is Yaounde, Cameroon

Relationship Status

Vincent, as of 2022, doesn't even have a girlfriend. 

Vincent Aboubakar with the ball.
Vincent Aboubakar with the ball. Source: Instagram


Vincent is 30 years old. His height is 1.84 m. 

Net worth 

Vincent has a net worth of $6 Million.

Vincent Is An Idol For Many

Vincent plays for the Cameron national team and is a brilliant player. His talent has really been clear through his performance in games. 

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But playing for his country has really hyped up things. While playing for the international cup, his performance won everyone’s hearts in his country. 

His brother organized a program to look at his match, collecting all the locals around his house. 

There the people revealed that Vincent was really a dedicated boy in football. 

He was a boy with big dreams in football to represent their country. 

Moreover, they said that Vincent was a very disciplined kid who always played football everywhere he got to. 

Now, he has become an idol for the younger kids and every football fan around his hometown and country.

Fans Are Important To Him

Vincent and his national team Cameron participated in AFCON international match where they did amazing. 

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They were winning most of the matches and were in the final stage of the championship. 

At that moment, Vincent expressed that fans play a vital role in every match they play. The cheering of fans gives them hope and inspiration. 

Vincent also said that the presence of their fans gives him and the team some kind of positive energy. 

As they were in the final stage of the competition, they didn’t want to stay backward by any means. 

So he said that all the fans must be present on the match day as they build the player’s positive energies.

Vincent Was Injured In Important Matches

Vincent pulled off with a heel problem during a World Cup qualifier match. 

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As he was the team's main man, it was a big decision to replace him with anyone. But the nature of the pitch made his pain worst. 

So, to avoid any serious casualties for the striker, the coach substituted him. It was a big decision, but he was the player who could not be risked. 

There were important matches coming up in the future; without Vincent, it would be too hard for Cameron.

But the coach revealed that the injury was not too serious. Vincent was mainly to join the match after a few days. 

Vincent Was Disappointed

The Cameron team lost the match in the international match between Cameron and Egypt

Vincent gave an interview just after the match, and he looked disappointed. 

Indeed he expressed in the interview that he was really disappointed by the result. 

They were expecting to win the match not just because they wanted to but also because they were at their best. 

From what Vincent said, his squad was all on point. 

They had a great bond on the pitch, they had a great attacking game, and they were managed and had great possession. 

Despite all the benefits to their side, they lost the match. 

Although Vincent was disappointed, he later said that it was a match and someone had to lose, so he would be happy and continue with more dedication.

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