Mary Jolivet

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Mary Jolivet

Mary Jolivet is the mother of the famous Canadian actor, musician, and director Finn Wolfhard.

Mary is married to Eric Wolfhard. Her husband is a researcher

Mary has two children named Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard. Mary is a Canadian citizen by her nationality. 

Mary used to work in Dormouse Design, where kid's clothes are designed. 

Mary with his husband, Eric
Mary with his husband, Eric  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Finn Wolfhard

Previously, Finn was dating Millie Bobby Brown, who is an actress

Finn and Brown shared the same platform, as they both worked on the same show in which Brown acted as Finn's girlfriend. 

Hence this was just considered gossip as they never opened up about it. Brown completely disagreed that they were dating. 

She was just an on-screen girlfriend of Finn and nothing was there between her and Finn in real life.

As of today, Finn is dating Elsie Richter, who is also an actress. 

His girlfriend Elsie is the daughter of Mischa Richter and Dolly Wells.

Their relationship was publicly known when Elsie posted a picture of them in which Finn was biting Elsie's cheeks. 

They both share a lot of moments. The couple has been caught together in many places.  

About Finn Wolfhard

Finn is a Canadian actor, musician, and director born on 23 December 2002

He is the son of Mary Jolivet and Eric Wolfhard.

He was raised with his brother by his parents. His childhood was spent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Finn has appeared in many movies and series. He had started his career as a child artist.

He is well known for his role in Stranger Things, Player in Carmen Sandiego, Zoran in The 100.  

Finn did his first modeling in 2019. He has also directed a short comedy movie. 

Besides acting and directing, he is also the band's main vocalist. 

He has also composed his song. He has also won many awards at this young age.

Fans Alleged Finn

The famous teen actor Finn was charged by his fans, saying that he is homophobic. 

As he played a character in the movie, it showed that the character played by him had a soft corner for a boy. His role in that movie showed his sexuality as gay. 

And when Finn himself talked about his roles, he told his sexuality is cryptic. 

His role in the movie and his talks made his fans think he is gay, and they started tweeting that he is gay. 

Some of his fans also defended him, saying that it's just a show and he is not homophobic in his real life. 

The fans who supported him also pleaded to stop saying those things about him as it could damage his image and career.

Mary Jolivet with her son
Mary Jolivet with her son   Source: Pinterest


Mary's son Finn is 18 years old.

Net Worth

Finn's net worth is $4 Million. His source of income is acting, directing and music

The average salary of a Canadian actor is $18.12 per hour.

Finn Dismissed His Agent

In 2017  #Metoo trend was going on all over social media where people started sharing their personal experience on harassment and abuse. 

Following the same trend, a teen named Blaise Godbe Lipman also tweeted about his story too saying that an APA agent sexually harassed him. 

He didn't named anyone but after he posted this matter, Tyler Grasham's name came forward. 

People started knowing about his true face, and he was exposed to making underage people drink and harassing them sexually in the name of the business-related meeting. 

As soon as Finn found out about his agent Tyler he immediately dismissed Tyler Grasham

After this incident, many faces linked with Hollywood came across, exposing many people.

Finn Being Hit On By Senior Model

Ali Michael, who is a famous model, commented on Finn

Because of Finn's agent's sexual case, the model tagged Finn in the post, saying to hit him up in 4 years

At that time, Finn was just 14 years old, and the model named Ali was 27 years old. 

The comment written by Michael offended the public very much. 

It was so hard for people to digest a 27-year-old man speaking in such a way with 14 years child. 

The public blamed him for his way of commenting was too insensitive and sexualizing. 

Later, Michael apologized to the people saying that his intention was not to hurt people and clarified things. 

Finn also answered back, saying that whatever he said was not fine. But he was okay as he accepted his mistake and apologized. 

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