Who Is Nick Wolfhard? Brother Of Finn Wolfhard

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Who Is Nick Wolfhard? Brother Of Finn Wolfhard

Nick Wolfhard is a voice artist and actor. He has given his voice to various cartoons, animated series, and even movies. 

He was born in Vancouver, Canada.

His younger brother is a Netflix Original Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard.

His parents are Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet.

Nick Wolfhard's parents  Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet
Nick Wolfhard's parents  Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet Source: Instagram

Who Is Nick Dating?

Nick is currently single. 

He was romantically linked to Shannon in 2018

But there are no details on when and how he broke up with his former girlfriend. 

He tweeted about her on his Twitter handle. 

Nick Wolfhard with his brother Finn Wolfhard
Nick Wolfhard with his brother Finn Wolfhard Source: Instagram

Brother Finn Joined Him In A Sci-Fi movies

After gaining huge fame from the Netflix series Stranger Things, Finn is set to join his brother in his new project. 

Finn had already signed a contract for the project. 

He will be joining his brother and Anaya Chalotra for a Sci-fi movie named New Gen

It is an animated movie, and it will be a voice-over star.


Nick is 24 years old. His height is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs around 58 kg. He holds white ethnicity.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $20 million. All his income is from his profession as a voice actor.

Scared To Watch A Horror Movie 

Nick attended the film's premiere event to support his little brother. 

When he was asked about it, he was scared of a scary movie. 

He replied that he never dared to watch a scary movie when he was a kid. 

But he has started to get a thrill out of them as he is not a kid to be tricked by those movies. 

He revealed his top three horror movies: The Thing, Evil Dead, and Alien

He also talked about his upcoming Netflix show, "The Last Kid On Earth." At last, he talked about his worst fear. 

He revealed that he would get afraid if an entire man turned into a silverfish.

Nick And His Character Jack Sullivan Shares Similar Qualities

In an interview, Nick talked about how he can relate to his character Jack from The Last Kids on Earth

Like Jack, Nick also did not have many friends in middle school. 

In middle school, he was alone and kept himself only surrounded by one or two friends. 

Later in his life, he opened up and became an extrovert as Jack did. He is also very hyperactive like Jack

He also revealed he was bullied in middle school like Jack was bullied. 

He said that he has a lot in common with Jack because they had gone through the same phases during their childhood. 

He regretted not trying hard enough to make friends, but he admitted that he was going through a phase at that point in time. 

He wants to give a message to kids to stick together with friends in thick and thin and support each other.

Nick Wolfhard Takes Voice Classes

Nick gave a virtual interview to Carlos Segaon, talking about his voice acting and acting career. 

In the interview, a lady co-host was there, and the very first question that the interviewer asked Nick was about what got him into voice acting. 

Nick answered, recalling his childhood memories and telling them that he enjoyed watching cartoons very much as a child.

He has a brother named Finn who is an actor too, and back in the day, they both loved watching cartoons and had watched many of them. 

As a child, Nick always wanted to make a cartooning career, which was impossible, and then he thought of doing voice acting. 

While he was in his middle age, he almost forgot about the voice acting stuff, but when he started seeing anime, he again returned to his voice acting track. 

After that, he decided to take voice-over classes and started taking them at a young age. 

He continued, and in 2013, he got his first ever gig. He was very young when he got his first gig. 

He enjoyed doing voice acting, and he is still doing it. Nick said that he loves learning, so he is continuing to take acting classes. 

The interview then asked him about the process he went through for voice acting. 

Nick shared his voice-over process and said he does warm-up and prepares his vocals before any gigs. 

He showed some of the warm-up things he does, which helped Nick to loosen up his vocal cords. 

He does it morning, giving him a nice and accessible voice. Talking about his audition process, he tried to make it funny, and he tried to match his voice, observing the body language and everything.

Nick Is An Introvert But Finn Is Not

Nick gave an interview to The Permanent Rain Press in 2020 during the pandemic time. 

Everyone was on their homestay, and people had to be 6 feet apart to meet each other. 

Nick has revealed that it was not much different from his normal days because he works from home to his room. 

The only time he goes outside is to do some voice over’s. Even for some voices over’s, he does it in his room using his mic. 

So, his everyday life was all inside his cozy room, and somehow he loved his life. 

But the lockdown did bring change to his daily life. He spent much more time with his family, especially with his brother Finn

Nick used to talk to his mom and dad and watch movies with them, but he spent most of the time with his brother. 

Nick expressed that he is a total introvert and his brother is opposite him. 

He stated that Finn is a social butterfly and likes to socialize and hang out with people too much. 

It’s not that Nick doesn’t want to do those stuff, but he doesn’t know how to talk to people and be socialized.  

So, hanging out with his brother automatically makes him talk to people and be socialized, and he loves it. 

He tries to talk to people and not be an introvert hard, but the presence of Finn makes his tries a lot easier. 

Also, Nick has been taking and going out with a few of his friends, following all the safety protocols. 

So he revealed that it feels nice for him to get out of the room and see the world. 

But he also expressed that it was hard for him and his friends to keep their distance while going somewhere. 

But safety comes first, so they maintained all the safety they could. 

An Interesting Fact About Nick

Nick always wanted to become a cartoon character. He developed his love for voice-over at the age of four

He was so sure that he would only pursue his career in that field and turn his childhood into reality. 

He is a huge basketball fan. He has won an Emmy award for his Netflix animated TV series.

He has also appeared in a short movie named Aftermath. He is also into music and sports. 

His birthday is on 21st October.

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