Michael Jefferson

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Michael Jefferson

Michael Jefferson is the late father of the famous American singer Lizzo. He was born in America. He was an American citizen. 

Michael was married to Shari Johnson Jefferson. He had three daughters with Shari Jefferson. Michael also had a son.

He died in 2009.

Family of Michael Jefferson
Family of Michael Jefferson  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Lizzo

Lizzo is currently single and is enjoying her single life. She said that she was happy and liked to stay free like this. 

Lizzo has never dated any guy in her life yet. She once had tried dating digitally but was not successful. 

She loves to make music and finds peace in it. She said that she could not live without her freedom and relationship with her music. 

Lizzo also said that she would still consider herself a free soul and a single lady if she stayed in the relationship. 

She sometimes thinks about her relationship, too, but she later realizes that she doesn’t want it and is happy with her freedom.

About Lizzo 

Lizzo was born on 27 April 1988 in Detroit, Michigan, America

She is one of the three daughters of Michael Jefferson and Shari Johnson Jefferson. 

She has two elder sisters and an elder brother with her. Melissa Vivian Jefferson is her real name, whereas Lizzo is her stage name. 

Lizzo is professionally a singer, rapper, songwriter, flutist and actress. She is well known for her raps. 

She debuted as a duo with electro-pop and released her first album in 2012. 

She then started earning fame and support after her album “Coconut oil,” which talked about positivity. 

She continued her journey until she took a temporary break because her father died in 2009.

She later brought up many albums and songs that were appreciated and made her viral among mainstreamers. 

Michael Jefferson with his wife
Michael Jefferson with his wife  Source: Instagram


Lizzo is currently 33 years old.

Net Worth

As of today, the total net worth of Lizzo is about $10 Million

Her main source of income comes as being rapper, singer and songwriter. 

In America, the average earning of singer is $ 43,091 annually.

Michael Jefferson Received A Tribute From Her Daughter

Michael took his last breath in 2009. Back then, her daughter Lizzo was not a known face among everyone. 

But when we see his daughter now, his daughter is a successful rapper and songwriter. 

Michael couldn’t see the success of his daughter when he was alive. 

In 2021, Michael’s daughter Lizzo posted a picture of her dad saying that he would have been proud of her if he had been alive. 

Lizzo was heartbroken as she lost her father too early, and she could not show him her success. 

She also wrote an emotional message to her fan, saying that they value every person in their life when they are with them. 

Lizzo Was Judged For Her Dress Up

Lizzo was caught wearing a dress in which her butt was completely revealed. 

She was spotted in that dress during the Los Angeles Lakers game.  

Her dress-up dragged her into controversy as it offended many people. 

Lizzo took a lot of time to accept herself just the way she is. She was body-shamed in the past as she was over weight. 

So she spoke openly about her dress-up, saying that she wears such dresses. She is not sorry for what she did as she felt like doing. 

She agreed that her butt was revealed in that dress, but she said one could dress however one wanted. 

After a long journey and courage, she liked how her body was, and now again, she doesn’t want to feel bad about that same body. 

Her butt was also one reason behind her insecurities about her body in the past. But now she doesn’t care about it and likes how it is. 

She also said that one could do whatever about the things that bring happiness in their life.

Lizzo posing in her photoshoot
Lizzo posing in her photoshoot   Source: Instagram 

Lizzo Blamed For A Murder

A time back in 2019, a tweet got viral among the people who said that Lizzo jumped into a bunch of people while she was performing on stage, due to which four people lost their lives, and 12 people were badly injured. 

Lizzo knew about that tweet later, and it was so shocking to her. 

After that, Lizzo replied to the allegation, saying that’s completely fake. 

She said that she had never hurt anyone in her performance through her TikTok. 

She also said that she had never jumped on anyone while performing on stage. 

She also opened up that the tweet was completely fake, and that tweet also got deleted later. 

She said that her overweight body is not that heavy that it could take someone’s life. 

She also showed a demonstration through her TikTok video in which she jumped on her bed. 

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