Who Is Shari Johnson-Jefferson? Mother Of Lizzo

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Who Is Shari Johnson-Jefferson? Mother Of Lizzo

Shari Johnson-Jefferson is the mother of American rapper, actress, and singer Lizzo. She was married to her late husband, Michael Jefferson

She has three children with her late husband. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Shari Johnson-Jefferson with her late husband.
Shari Johnson-Jefferson with her late husband. Source: Instagram

About Shari's Daughter Lizzo 

Lizzo is an actress, singer, and rapper well-known for German hip-hop and pop. She was born to her parents in the year 1988

She has two older siblings named Mikey and Vanessa. She has her birthday on April 27.

Shari Johnson-Jefferson with her daughter Lizzo.
Shari Johnson-Jefferson with her daughter Lizzo. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Lizzo 

Lizzo is not married, but she is currently in a relationship with Myke Wright, a well-known standup comedian and TV presenter

Lizzo and Myke's relationship was known to the public in 2022 after Lizzo and Myke were captured together on Lizzo's birthday. 

Lizzo has known Myke since 2016. They first met on the set of MTV's Wonderland, where they hosted that show together. 

They started their relationship as friends and remained friends for a long time before dating. 

After Lizzo and Myke's relationship was confirmed, there was news of Lizzo being engaged, but it was just a rumor. Lizzo is now enjoying her love life with Myke.

Age And Net worth 

Her daughter Lizzo is 34 years old. She has a net worth of $40 Million

Shari's Daughter Made Her Emotional

Shari’s daughter Lizzo has made a successful career in music. 

Both mother and daughter share a beautiful bond. 

So, in 2021, On Shari's birthday, she got a huge surprise from her daughter. 

Her daughter gifted her entire wardrobe with beautiful dresses on her birthday. The cabinet given by her daughter contained gorgeous dresses. 

Shari was surprised, and she liked the gift. However, Shari broke down in tears after receiving that gift from her daughter. 

Her daughter Lizzo also mentioned that Shari had difficulty dressing nicely and well after her husband died in 2009

Her daughter couldn't bring Shari her partner, which was the least she could do for Shari.

Shari Got An Audi

In 2020, a few days before Christmas, Shari got an unexpected gift from her daughter Lizzo

Her daughter loves her a lot, and Lizzo does her best to keep her family happy as her career goes up.

So, a few days before Christmas, Lizzo gifted her mom Shari an Audi car

Her daughter posted a whole video of Shari's surprise gift, and the reaction of Shari to her daughter's gift was priceless. 

Shari was brought outside of her house with her eyes closed. She had no idea that a brand-new Audi was waiting for her, and there were other family members too. 

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the Audi; she was so happy that she started crying. 

Her daughter mentioned in the post that she and her family had struggled financially after her dad passed away. 

She wanted to do so much for her dad, but she couldn't, and as she has her mom with her, she does everything for her instead.

Lizzo Didn't Like Her Natural Body

Lizzo gave an interview to Jameela Jamil's podcast, where she talked about her body insecurity. 

She is now very confident and loves her body the way it is but going back; it was not the same for her. 

She revealed that when she was young, she used to think that light skin and blonde hair were the perfect definitions of beauty, and because of that, she never liked how she looked. 

She has dark skin and curly textured hair, and she had encountered so many things in the past which made her feel even worse about herself. 

She remembered her dad telling her that her hair shouldn't be looked at as it was. 

Although they didn't mean what they were saying, it did negatively impact Lizzo

It took her a long time to accept the way she looked

Lizzo Was Told To Be Thin

Lizzo has always motivated the people who dealt with accepting themselves the way they looked. 

She learned and dealt with so many things in the past that have made her so strong now. 

In her 20s, Lizzo had a hard time dealing with many issues. She had no money with her, and because of that, she couldn't eat. 

She has always been a big-sized woman; at that time, she thought of working out and becoming thin. 

Lizzo recalled spending time with a boy who told her she needed to work on her body. 

She and that guy were lying together when the guy told her that he felt good and relaxed around Lizzo, but after a few minutes, the guy said to her that she had a great face, but her body didn't suit her face. 

She felt terrible, but at the same time, she thought what he was saying was right.

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