Michel Provost – Tragedy Of Adrien Rabiot Father

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Michel Provost – Tragedy Of Adrien Rabiot Father

Michel Provost was the father of Adrien Rabiot, a French-born professional footballer who is a central midfielder for Serie A club Juventus and the France national team.

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He had been living with locked-in syndrome for a long time

Provost suffered a stroke in 2007 that left him with locked-in syndrome and had been living with it until his demise in January 2019. 

Adrien at the time was just 12 years old. Because of his condition, Adrien's mother stepped in to take up both the father's and mother's roles. 

Ever since his accident, I've been fighting for him on the pitch", Adrien's mother, Veronique Rabiot, said in an interview. 

Adrien Rabiot mother Veronique took the role of both the parents after Michel Provost became wheelchair bound
Adrien Rabiot mother Veronique took the role of both parents after Michel Provost became wheelchair-bound. Source: Instagram

He was a football enthusiast and a PSG fan

Michel was a football enthusiast and a PSG fan. He instilled in his son a love for football. He would take him to the matches. 

Adrien in an interview said that his father was the one to introduce him to football and when he told him that he was turning pro, he could tell by his look that he was proud.

Michel was also one of the reasons, his son had been fighting on the pitch every day. 

Adrien in an interview with Le Parisien back in 2012 while talking about his father’s illness said he has been fighting on the ground for him too since his accident in 2007

He described the feeling to be frustrating stating “As long as we don’t experience this illness, we don’t realize it”.

Adrien's mom is considered the most controversial mom

Adrien's mom Veronique often makes headlines due to her clashes with players and the family. 

She clashed with the families of Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba in the stands after France got knocked out of the European Championship 2020

According to the sources, she went to Pogba's family and passed inflammatory comments questioning how Pogba had given all the ball away in the build-up to Switzerland's third goal. 

She then went to Mbappe's father and asked him to teach his son to be less arrogant.

Back in 2014, she furiously confronted Laurent Blanc, the former PSG manager in the parking at the club's training ground for relegating Adrien to the reserve team after which PSG had to call the police. 

She also threatened legal action against PSG

Also when Adrien was 15, she withdrew him from Manchester City's academy saying she felt they didn't believe in him enough.

Adriens says he trusts his mother's way of negotiating

She has been providing unwavering support to his son since he was little. 

Adrien said his mother has followed him all over England to the south of France and that agents are not her thing and don't think it's necessary. 

She was the one to negotiate his professional contract at PSG.

Adrien in an interview said he trusts his mother's way of negotiating knowing her personality and character and that he doesn't find anything wrong with the fact that a parent is present and thinks it is reassuring for a club to know that one of its players is not at the mercy of strangers or agents with other priorities.

Veronique is not only a mother but also her son's agent
Veronique is not only a mother but also her son's agent. Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

His son's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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