Michelle Cook

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Michelle Cook was the first wife of the television host David Letterman. 

She graduated from Ball State University.

Marriage and relationship

Michelle was married to a man named David Letterman. They first met in college. They fell in love and dated for few years. 

They decided to get married in 1968. David worked as a comedian and television host. 

Michelle was the one who encouraged David to pursue his career as a comedian and host. After graduating from college, she encouraged Letterman to move to Los Angeles to pursue a job in the entertainment industry. 

She massively supported him while he was starting and struggling on his first career as a comedian.  

After he got his show named after him, he rose to prominence, Late Night with xn 1982. 

Michelle Cook's Ex-husband David Letterman
Michelle Cook's Ex-husband David Letterman  Source: Pinterest

Her Divorce 

After many years of dating and marriage, Michelle and David decided to separate for good. They were married for nine years. They legally separated in 1978

Reason Behind Their Separation

While Michelle and David were in a serious relationship, David was constantly found cheating and having physical relationships with his staff and other women. 

Michelle felt betrayed, and it caused marital obstacles between them. This was the root cause of their separation. 

David's Extra Marital Affair

David Letterman has been accused of several disrespectful behaviors. 

He was found to have an intimate relationship with lots of women even when he was married. He had a fling with ladies. He was constantly accused of having an extramarital affair. 

Once, he was even blackmailed by a man. He had an affair and a sexual relationship with his wife, so he decided to take revenge. 

He kept on blackmailing him, saying he would leak all the photographs of him with other ladies. 

However, David was fed up and exhausted with the blackmailing; that's why he decided to apologize to the public and his second wife, Regina Lasko

Michelle Cook ex-husband David Letterman and wife Regina Lasko
Michelle Cook ex-husband David Letterman and wife Regina Lasko  Source: Pinterest

Secretive person

Michelle is a secretive person. When David rose to fame, everybody wanted to know about his personal life.

Michelle cook was often dragged into media as his Ex-Wife. She did not want to involve herself in the media. 

She is a private person, that's why her pictures are not found on the internet. Her occupation, early life, and career are still unknown. 

Net Worth

Michelle's net worth has not been revealed as her profession and career are still unknown. 

However, her ex-husband, who had a show named after his name, has lots of money. His net worth is structured below:

Net WorthIncome Sources
Four hundred million dollarsComedian, television host, producer, writer

Age, height, weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Michelle have not been revealed.
  2. She is of American nationality.
  3. She is from Los Angel.
  4. Online photographs of Michelle Cook's are extremely rare. She has only one accessible picture of herself with David, which is old and vintage.

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