Regina Lasko

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Regina Lasko

Regina Lasko is recognized as the wife of  David Letterman. Her husband is known as the host of the famous American talk show "Late Show with David Letterman." 

She is also the production manager known for the Another World (1964), Saturday Night Live (1975), and Late Show with David Letterman:7th Anniversary Special(1989).

David Letterman and his talk show


Regina Lasko husband David Letterman
Regina Lasko husband David Letterman  Source: Instagram

David Michael Letterman is the most popular TV personality, comedian, writer, and producer. 

He was born on April 12, 1947, he retired from a 33-year long career as a late-night host of the talk show on CBS and NBC

He is known for the fun and comedy to chat with the celebrities at his show. 

Some controversies happened in his show, and one of them is his fight with Oprah Winfery when she appeared in Late Show in the 80s and described her experience as uncomfortable and did not agree to appear on the show again.

Letterman made fun of this many times, which made Winfrey upset, and she did not talk to him for about 16 years

Recently, he is again in the news after his interview clip with Jennifer Aniston is circulating again on the internet. 

He is seen sucking strands of Jennifer's hair, which made her traumatized and uncomfortable memory that she would never forget.

Regina and David's Wedding

Regina Lasko with her husband David Letterman
Regina Lasko with her husband David Letterman  Source: Pinterest

After dating for 23 years, the couple got married in March 2009. Their wedding took place at Teton County Justice Court Choteau, Montana, in a very private ceremony. 

The couple met for first time on the set of NBC's Late Night Show in  1986 and started dating in February of the same year. 

At that time David was in a live-in relationship with the comedy writer of his show, Merrill Markoe

On his show, he announced his holy union to explain what took him so long to tie the knot. 

He shared a funny moment from their wedding with the audience that the marriage was almost called off as his son got their pick-up truck stuck in the mud. 

He then had to walk two miles to get to his house and bring the car. The couple are still together.

Regina almost divorced David

Regina is not his first wife. He got married to his college girlfriend, Michelle Cook, in 1968. 

He spent nine years with her before getting divorced in 1977

David's love life is very complex, and it has been public about his cheatings and adultery. 

After few months of their marriage, David got into a scandal. He was blackmailed by the ex-boyfriend of Stephanie Birkitt, Joe Halderman

Joe Halderman is also a TV producer, threatened David and wanted $2 million from him. 

Later, David confessed all his terrible things on his show. This has almost ended his marriage.

He was trapped in a scandal where he confessed he had been sexually involved with many women who worked with him in the show. 

This had hurt Regina a lot, and they almost got divorced. 

Later he publicly apologized to his staff and viewers. He put a lot of effort into saving his marriage. 

After living separately for months, Regina decided to forgive and save the marriage. Since then, David has never been on the highlight for such cases.

Regina is a mother of a son

Regina Lasko husband David Letterman and son Harry Joseph Letterman
Regina Lasko husband David Letterman and son Harry Joseph Letterman  Source: Pinterest

Regina and David became parents to a son in 2003. They had him before getting married and named him Harry Joseph Letterman.

There was an attempt of kidnapping Harry by their domestic staff named Kelley Frank for a ransom of $5 million, which thankfully failed. 

Now Harry is all grown up, and David finds Harry very entertaining. Harry is currently focusing on his schooling

Net Worth

The wife of the popular David Letterman is believed to be having a net worth of $90 million.

Net Worth$90 million
Income SourceProducer, TV shows, and appearance

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She was born on November 20, 2060, in the United States.
  2. Her current age is 60 years old.
  3. Her height and weight is unknown.

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