Myles Spiegel- Adorable Son Of Miranda Kerr

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Myles Spiegel is an American celebrity baby born to model Miranda Kerr and Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel.

Among Amanda’s children, Myles is the youngest.

Celebrity Parents

Unlike normal babies, Myles has been in the spotlight since his birth. This is due to his affluent celebrity parents.

His mother is none other than the beautiful Australian model, Miranda Kerr

His father is Evan Spiegel, the co-founder, and CEO of the American social media company Snap Inc.

Myles Spiegel Parents
Myles Spiegel Parents Source: Instagram

Myles’s parents have been cautious not to put him in the prying public eyes.

Mother Miranda’s Excitement On His Birth

Miranda became a mother of three after she gave birth to Myles in 2019.

She shares that her baby boy's birth has made herself and her family happier than ever before. 

She also extends her thankfulness for the love and support she has received while having Myles

While sounding excited, Miranda says that it is a pleasure to welcome her precious baby boy into her beloved family. 

Myles is truly loved and adored by his mother.

Myles’s Siblings

Myles is growing up having lots of fun with his siblings. 

His oldest half-brother is named Flynn Christopher Bloom, and the second oldest brother is named Hart Spiegel

The oldest brothers have been having various themed birthday parties. 

They celebrated their youngest sibling’s first birthday with a three-tier Noah’s Ark-themed cake, complete with animals that included a giraffe, a monkey and an elephant, an owl, and a dolphin.

Myles Spiegel First Birthday Cake
Myles Spiegel First Birthday Cake Source: Instagram

Myles’s mother Miranda shared in an interview that the siblings are full of love and without any jealousy.

Mother Miranda Kerr’s two marriages 

Myles’s mother, Miranda, has had two marriages; one with actor Orlando Bloom and another with Myles’s father, Evan Spiegel

Although Miranda and Orlando have already been divorced and are with their new spouses, they have one child together, Flynn Christopher Bloom.

His mother has been vocal about how she fell into depression after her divorce from Orlando.

She says that depression had an immense effect on her as she was a naturally jolly person and had never felt melancholia and hopelessness at that level. 

She has since worked her way out of depression and is now happily married to her current husband. 

How did Myles’s parents, Miranda and Evan, meet?

Wondering how one’s parents met is very natural. 

Myles might wonder, too, but he has to look no further because the story has already been shared with the world. 

In 2014, Miranda and Evan met at a dinner for Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles

They were seated next to each other as per the directions of the executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, Delphine Arnault.

The pair hit it off and started as good friends before they officially began dating in 2015

In July 2017, Evan proposed to Miranda with a diamond ring and got engaged. 

Eventually, in May 2017, Miranda and Evan exchanged their vows and held the wedding in their Brentwood mansion's backyard. 

His mother now lives joyfully with her husband, Evan, and her three sons, Flynn, Hart, and Myles

Driving at the age of Eight 

Miranda Kerr gave an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she talked about her learning to drive at an early age. 

She opened up about her growing up in Australia and was raised on a farm. 

Growing up she was a tomboy as she did many things that girls hardly does at that time. 

She told that she learned stick shift when she was eight years old. She grew up in her place by climbing trees, and riding bikes. 

Her dad was the one who motivated her to drive a car. She drove the car to Plymouth Valient

The interviewer showed the picture of the car that she drove when she was 8 years old and it was shocking that she drove such a huge car at that little age.

That car was from her granddad and it was blue in color the seat of that car was bouncing and she enjoyed learning that. 

Miranda opened up about being an outdoor person and she loves doing camping. 

She revealed about her going camping with her friend in New Zealand

She told that while going camping there she enjoyed it a lot and she got time to connect herself with nature.

 She told that New Zealand was all safe for camping as there was no animal fear but talking about Australia there is fear of animals attacking, spiders and kangaroos while camping. 

There in Australia, there is a boxing Kangaroo and she told that they punch people. 

She told that kwela’s are more friendly than Kangaroos.

The interviewer didn’t believe Miranda saying kangaroo punching and Miranda replied that she grew up there and she knows much more than the interviewer Jimmy about the Kangaroo. 

She then talked about her modeling career with the interviewer. 

Expensive car at young age 

Evan is a well-known entrepreneur. He is popularly known for his creation of Snapchat, which has gained millions of public attention. 

Evan’s creation of Snapchat is now one of the most loved apps, but back in the day, when he presented the idea of Snapchat, he was mocked by his friends in his high school for the idea of snap chat. 

His dad was representative of the high school in which he studied, and he used to park his Cadillac in his school. 

He was only 16 years old when he got to drive his first car, which was Cadillac. 

Evan was a Stanford University student, and many people think he has graduated from there, but he had not graduated. 

He had been part of the graduation ceremony, but he did not graduate. Evan opened up that he stayed with his father even after being a millionaire to save money. 

His application Snapchat was a great success, and he earned millions from it, but he decided to stay with his dad so that he could save money. 

He moved to his new house in 2014, which was worth $3.3 Million. He and his universities friend Reggie and Murphy were the ones who helped Evan in the development of that app. 

Murphy is still a business partner of Evan, whereas Reggie and Evan ended their partnership after having some issues between them. 

Before starting and presenting the idea of Snapchat, Evan launched an app named Peekaboo, but he was unable to get success at it. 

That app was a massive failure as it could not gain much public attention. 

The Facebook app developer Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat from Evan and offered him $3.4 Billion, but Evan denied that offer. 

That was a smart move from Evan as his app is doing great among the public, and people love using Snapchat.

Net Worth

Since Myles Spiegel is too young to work and earn, he doesn’t have any net worth. 

But, it’s a different story for his parents. Miranda and Evan have $60 million and $9 billion net worth, respectively.

His mother's net worth and income sources are structured as follows:

Net Worth60 million dollars 
Income Sources Modeling, Business 

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He was born in October 2019, and is now two years old.
  2. His height and weight are not revealed.
  3. He lives with his parents and siblings in Brentwood, California.

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