Who Is Nadine Sterling? Mother Of Raheem Sterling

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Who Is Nadine Sterling? Mother Of Raheem Sterling

Nadine Sterling is famous for being the mother of Chelsea star Raheem Sterling.

Raheem plays for Premier League club Chelsea and the England national team

Nadine was born in Jamaica. She is a single mother of Raheem. 

Nadine Sterling's grandchildren.
Nadine Sterling's grandchildren. Source: Instagram

Raheem's Love Life

Raheem fell in love with his beloved wife, Paige Milan, a few years ago.

The couple dated each other for some years. Paige is a beautiful and talented British model who is very popular to be Raheem's partner. 

They met early in Raheem's teenage. They have known each other for a very long period of time. 

According to the source, they met when Raheem was 12 years old. 

They were together for a very long, but because Raheem fell in love with another girl, they broke up in 2012

At the time they were apart from each other, Raheem was dating some other girl, and the couple gave birth to a baby girl whose name is Melody Rose Sterling

After the birth of Melody, Raheem got separated from Melody's mother. 

After some years of separation, Raheem met Paige. That's when the two of them again started hanging out and are together now. 

According to the source, they got back together in 2015

It was the same year Raheem joined Manchester City, and love birds started living together in their luxury home in Cheshire. The house was worth a whopping 3.5 million pounds.  

After a couple of years, Raheem and Paige welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Thiago Sterling. 

They were enjoying their parenthood. That's when the couple welcomed their second child Thai- Cruz Sterling, in the next year

And that is the same year Raheem officially proposed to Paige to be his wife.

Raheem Sterling's wife Page Sterling
Raheem Sterling's wife, Page Sterling. Source: Instagram


Nadine's age is unknown, but her son Rheem is 27. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on the 8th of December, 1994

Net Worth

Nadine's net worth is unknown, but her son Raheem has a net worth of 45 million dollars. He has a salary of 18 million dollars. 

About Son

He plays as a winger and attacking midfielder. His career started with Queens Park Rangers from 2003 to 2010, and after joined Liverpool from 2010 to 2012.

Nadine is a young talented, and hardworking football player who has reached the heart of many people. 

He can enjoy and provide luxury life for himself and his family.

Nadine Sterling's son, Raheem Sterling.
Nadine Sterling's son, Raheem Sterling. Source: Instagram

Raheem's Father Was Killed In Gunshot

Nadine fell in love with her late husband Philip Slayter many years ago. The couple dated for some time and decided to get married. 

They welcomed their son Raheem in 1994. After two years of Raheem's birth, her husband Philip got shot while walking the gang border in Jamaica

The incident when Philip got shot made Nadine and Raheem grieve as he was dead. This was the biggest tragedy of her life. 

Nadine Married Another Man After Two Years Of Her Husband's Death

Due to the death of Philip, Nadine was scared, and it started to be hard for her to become a single mother. 

After two years of grief, Nadine met Enrol Sterling, a nice guy. He helped her through a lot of things. 

In the end, Nadine and Enrol got married. After their marriage, Nadine gave birth to her second child, but it was their first child, a baby girl named Yakima Sterling.

Nadine's hard work and never giving spirit have made her a successful and proud mom. 

She is also running a business with her husband right now.

Nadine is not just a mother; she is already a grandmother of three children. 

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