Who Is Paige Milian? Girlfriend Of Raheem Sterling

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Who Is Paige Milian? Girlfriend Of Raheem Sterling

Paige Milian is the girlfriend of English professional football player Raheem Sterling. 

Paige herself is a former model by profession. She was born in London. She has two children with Raheem, they are Thiago Sterling, and Thai Cruz Sterling.

She has a stepdaughter named Melody Rose Sterling who was born from Raheem's previous relationship with Melissa Clarke.

She is Indo-American by her nationality. 

Paige Milian's boyfriend and children.
Paige Milian's boyfriend and children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Paige is currently dating her footballer boyfriend named Raheem.

They met each other a long time back in 2018, and Raheem proposed to her. Paige has two kids with her partner. 

Paige Milian with her boyfriend, Raheem Sterling.
Paige Milian with her boyfriend, Raheem Sterling. Source: Instagram


Raheem is 27 years old. His height is 1.7 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Raheem is $45 Million. He accumulated his income from football.

Paige Milian's boyfriend, Raheem Sterling. Source: Instagram

Raheem Grew Up Without His Parents

Raheem was born to his mom Nadine Sterling

While Raheem was just two years old, his dad passed away. 

His mom Nadine left him and his brothers, and came to England to study. 

After that, he was raised by his grandmother. 

After his mother completed her study, he and his sibling moved to England, but before that, he struggled to live without his parents.

While in school, he always felt bad about seeing other children's parents. 

He was the only one who didn’t have his parents around him. 

He was at the age when he needed his mom very much, but his mom wasn’t there. 

He was a very annoyed kid, and he also got kicked out of primary school.

Football Made Raheem Discipline

Raheem started playing football at a young. He went to school and met a mentor named Clive Ellington.

He was a school mentor, and according to Raheem, he was the one who made him play football. 

He took students camping, and once, he asked Raheem about what he likes to do. 

Raheem replied, saying that he loves playing football, and that’s when Clive asked Raheem to join his team named Sunday League Team

After that, Raheem started playing on that team. That was the time when Raheem learned about the discipline. 

He had to wake up early for football training and go to practice. He started playing in a tournament on Saturdays

He became disciplined because of football.

When he started playing football, he got obsessed with it, and all he thought and wanted to do was play football.

Mom Told Raheem To Join A Small Club 

Raheem started playing at a very young age. 

He started his football journey at QPR and was only 10 when he joined that team. 

After becoming passionate about football, Raheem decided to join the Arsenal team, but his mom told him not to do that. 

Raheem’s mom was very supportive of him, but as a young player, his mom decided not to go directly to the big teams. 

Teams like Arsenal have great players, and as Raheem still had more to learn, she wanted Raheem to join small teams. 

Hence he joined QPR. Raheem said that he is grateful that his mom gave him that suggestion and that it was great that he listened to her. 

He got a lot of attention from the team, and his skills improved more than before.

Money Doesn’t Matter To Raheem.

Back then, Raheem rejected the 100,000 Pound offer with Liverpool. 

On the rejection, he opened up that he doesn’t want to see as a player who is a money grabber. Instead, he wants to be known for his football skills. 

Raheem said that money has never mattered to him. He doesn’t care about money, buying big houses and cars. 

The only thing that matters to him is football and winning as many trophies as possible. 

He wants to be the best football player and be known as the best football player in the world. 

He has always been obsessed with playing football and is working very hard on his career. 

After he rejected the contract, everyone talked about it only. 

He wanted everyone to stop talking about it.

Family of Paige Milian.
Family of Paige Milian. Source: Instagram

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