Nala Whitefield- Tragedy Of D.C. Young Fly

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Nala Whitefield- Tragedy Of D.C. Young Fly

Nala Whitefield is the daughter of rapper, actor, comedian, TV personality, and singer-songwriter John Whitefield, who goes by the stage name D.C. Young Fly

Her mother is the late Jacklyn Smith, who was known as Jacky Oh

She was born in 2020. Her birthday falls on August 1. She has two siblings, Nova and Prince Nehemiah

Nala Whitefield with her mother and sister.
Nala Whitefield with her mother and sister. Source: Instagram

Death Of Mother

Her father, D.C., had been dating Jacky Oh since 2015. They have three children together. 

According to the report, Jacky underwent a gluteal augmentation procedure on May 30, where she faced no complications. 

She was prescribed to take many medications. A day later, she started having severe headaches and speaking problems. 

Her aunt called emergency services, and when they arrived there, Jacky was not responding. 

She was announced dead at the hospital. She died at the age of 33. The reason behind her death has been revealed. 

As per her autopsy report, she has swelling in her brain and bleeding was seen in the skin around her torso.

D.C. paid a heartbreaking tribute to his girlfriend. It was such a tragedy for three young kids.

Parents of Nala Whitefield.
Parents of Nala Whitefield. Source: Instagram


Nala is three years old.

Net Worth

Nala's father's net worth is estimated to be $2 million

D.C. Is Trying To Stay Positive After The Sudden Demise Of Jacky Oh

When D.C. was asked how he was dealing with such personal and untimely loss, he replied he had been doing well with the help of his brothers. 

He said God has given him the courage and strength to continue. 

He mentioned he had to be there for his kids and move forward with time and added everyone has to go through highs and lows as humans. 

He said people wanted him to cry before them, but he said he would not cry for a camera. 

He revealed he cried all the time but didn’t record it to show to people. He said he is also human and he also has emotions. 

He shared he wanted to inspire people to stay positive during tough times. He added his children were also doing great. 

D.C. Talked About Being Father

D.C. is doing everything from touring to hosting to producing, and being in podcasts. 

He is a father of three kids, working hard to give them the life they deserve. 

He said as a father, one should be ready to sacrifice things to secure their kid's future. 

He shared he badly wanted to spend time with his kids, but he had to sacrifice that sometimes because of his work. 

He added things have changed now as he wanted to balance his work and personal life. 

He said he wanted to be with his kids all the time. He added he spent most time with his kids during the pandemic.

Young Fly Talked About His School Days

D. C. shared that he had a fun time at school and would relate to someone with a great sense of humor. 

He said he was candid about who he was, and everyone accepted him the way he was. 

He mentioned he played baseball, football, and basketball in school. 

D.C. Never Thought That He Could Make Money By Telling Jokes

D.C. said that he was voted as clown in class. He said he didn’t know that he was doing comedy then. 

He said he never imagined that he could earn money by telling jokes. 

He thought he was funny as he could make everyone laugh. He said he didn’t know that he was good at it. 

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